Pena on Chapman after loss

A 2-1 Reds loss to the Padres was decided in the ninth inning Tuesday when closer Aroldis Chapman gave up a two-out homer to Chase Headley on a 99 mph fastball that drifted up. Chapman may have been hung with the loss, but the lineup did starter Mike Leake few favors after he gave up all of one run and two hits over eight innings.

Chapman, who debuted on Sunday for a save vs. Colorado, came into Tuesday looking sharp again. He struck out both Seth Smith and Carlos Quentin with 100 mph pitches. Then came the 1-1 offering to Headley. It was deposited into the seats by the left field foul pole.

Reds catcher Brayan Pena was far from worried about Chapman after the game.

“It was just one pitch,” Pena said. “It’s one of those things that you have to give him some credit too. He missed a lot of time. The fact that he’s throwing the baseball the way he’s been throwing it and it takes time. I’m not making an excuse for the guy but … he went through stages, right? He was hurt. I think all of us, we’re very happy with the way he’s throwing the baseball. His velocity is there. He’s around the zone. He’s using his breaking ball and changeup. Just one pitch, we left it a little bit up and it really cost us the game.”

Items of note:

*I will have more on Leake’s excellent start and continued hard luck on soon.

*Todd Frazier extended his career-best hitting streak to 12 games with a leadoff double in the fourth.

*Ryan Ludwick reached bases on a catcher’s interference in the sixth. It was the third time Ludwick has reached on catcher’s interference this season.

*Brandon Phillips, who was 3-for-4 with a RBI single and a double, is batting .368 (14-for-38) over his last 10 games.

*The Reds are 4-9 in series openers this season.


These one-run affairs are killing me! And the winning score is 4 runs or less so often! The team is batting under .220 risp, and under .200 risp with two outs! What do you do to fix that?!? Can Cozart get worse? So much good pitching wasted! But it’s still early. 7 games to the Perez line. Must keep good thoughts!

Unfortunately this feels like 2011. The Reds just could not catch a break and never really made a run. I hope thats not the case…

marc, was wondering on what your take was on brandon phillips and his stolen base numbers, i mean i know hes a little older then his 30/30 year but this year i see the reds far more aggressive on the base paths with pena for some reason trying to steal bases, but is this aggressive running style mostly pertaing to phillips having the green light is that his decision or prices? for phillips to have zero with 2 attempts this year and 5/8 last year whats the deal with using his legs again?

Until recently, he really hasn’t gotten on base very much. And it seems like his speed has slowed this year.

Phillips, Votto and Bruce are at or past their athletic prime ,age wise. They are not going to get any better. They may have stretches of improvement ,but over all , this is it.

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