Game 33: Reds at Red Sox

Schumaker 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Frazier 5
Pena 2
Ludwick DH
Bernadina 9
Heisey 7
Cozart 6

Leake 1


This season even meaning anything is in serious jeopardy. It’s bad when I could care less if they are winning or losing right now because the product were putting on the field isn’t even close to the capability. I know it’s nobodies fault, but boy does it sure suck!

Any chance we could use our DH for the shortstop instead of the pitcher? I’d let Leake bat over Cozart, if I could.

Can Leake move to DH after he is done pitching in the game? Move Ludwick to OF, pulling Bernadina out. That would be fun.

I wish some baseball ‘expert’ would comment on the number of times the Reds have been caught either going home when there was no chance of being safe or being caught off third when a ball is hit to the third baseman. Who is responsible for these mistakes? Is it the runner or the third base coach?

10 runners have been thrown out at the plate so far

The Reds are not a smart baseball team. Top to bottom. Their base running sucks . Two hitters take a third strike in the ninth inning trailing by one run. There can’t be very good communication between manager ,coaches and players on what to do with runners on base or situational hitting for that matter. I agree Leake should be hitting but that would be thinking outside the box. Something the Reds don’t want to do. They always need to go by the BOOK so they can cover their collective butts ! This team is not going to get any better.The core players are as good as they are ever going to be. It’s their 5th or 6th year in the majors. It’s not going to happen

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