Game 32: Reds at Red Sox

Heisey 9
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Frazier 5
Ludwick 7
Schumaker 8
Cozart 6
Soto DH
Barnhart 2

Bailey 1


poor line-up please votto 4th and phillips 5th frazier 6th pena7th cozart 8th and Barnhart 9th with schumaker 1st bernadina 2nd and Heisey 3rd

Sorry but that is nuts

David Silverwood. I want some of whatever you’re smoking pimp! WTF are you talking about? Bernadina isn’t even a freaking Red right now bro! I love the move of bringing Soto back up for these two games where he can DH. You do realize that the batters at the top of the order generally get more at bats right?

Check that. Beradina is back. But why on earth would you start him against a lefty? He can’t even hit righties right now.

Answers: his glove is spectacular, as is his speed on base. Also, he is on
the 40-man, as is Soto.

Lineup fairly straight forward; would flip-flop #4 and #5 only because Frazier
hasn’t learned to move along runners as well as Lud, plus Lud has been around
good teams/more experience. Good to see Soto in the lineup; tremendous power.
I think that we need to keep jostling around the lineup (only a little bit) to find the cure for our anemic offense (batters 4-6th)…especially in light of our performance as a team with men on base. Remember guys (and gals), Bruce led the team in R and he batted down the lineup; pittttttttyful. I guess we gotta Choo on that this season.
(ps…one caveat and a major one, yet not a major excuse unless you believe in
excuses versus reasons…we have been bitten by the DL tsetse fly…but we can
save that for another discussion on another day)

I dont care how good his glove is or how fast he is. You have to get on base to use those wheels. You don’t start Bernadina against a lefty.

Not that there is a better option available. But Ouch…. This would be a great time for Lutz, I wish he could have been up here instead.

With Hamilton and now, Bruce out, Heisey will be busier than a one-armed paper hanger. Also, Lutz can’t play CF, so we need a glove (over hitter) for the time being; one that can field first and run bases. A slower power hitter, that is less versatile in the field, won’t help us in the short term (next 4-6 weeks). The truth is, we just don’t
have a quintessential replacement in the minors. What we do have is a great numbers of DL players; way too many.

The reds 40 man roster is being stretched, i think by the end of this season we will have at least 2 guys go DFA

The problem with the Reds (one of many) is that they have no prototypical 3,4,5 hole hitters. They have Votto and a bunch 6-8 hitters. They did nothing to address that problem in the off season and now they’re starting to pay for it. I know they are beat up but nobody is going to feel sorry for them. Everyone has injuries but the Reds just don’t have the depth to deal with it.

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