Game 29: Reds vs. Brewers



Ouch. I would be upset if I was Leake that I was considered the 9th hitter for this line up. Maybe he should be in the 6th spot at least.

LOL, I thought the same thing. Move Leake up in this lineup! Geesh!

Maybe Manager Price buys into the LaRussa theory of putting a better hitter in the nine hole to increase the opportunities for hitting with men on base for the top of the order after the first inning. A long way of saying, maybe Price knows Leake is the better hitter and bats him ninth on purpose.

Crazy thought but wouldnt this be one of the games you bat Leake 5th or 6th knowing that Ludwick or Phillips will be pinch hitting? That would be fun.

It looks to me like, Bernadina and Santiago may be duking it out to see who is going to be replaced by Skip Schumaker who is set to come of the DL soon.

No way. Bernadina will stay and Santiago will go. However, then you don’t have a true backup @ short. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Billy or BP play SS to give Cozart and off day every once in a while. If Santiago stays, it’s strictly defensive based, Bernadina is the much better player.

Actually I believe Bernadina is the one to go for sure. The Reds always like to have a true ss as a back-up. They are both pretty bad but Bernadina would be the 6th outfielder and 3rd CF option which makes him pretty much worthless … which he basically is now anyway as the 5th outfielder.

Actually Bernadina might be the 4th CF option once Schumaker returns. (Hamilton, Schumaker, Heisey than Bernadina)

This might be the worst Reds lineup I have EVER seen! I hope I am wrong but wow!

I dunno…the first 5 1/2 are starting to hit!

It’s a page out of Dusty’s book ‘ The Happy System. Bernadina and Santiago are minor league players in major league uniforms. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to play both of these guys at the same time. Especially against a team you’re 61/2 games behind in the standings. Dusty would be proud of this lineup. It’s one he would come up with.

Dusty is no longer the manager. Let it go, man. Let it go.

Thank you!

It’s getting hard to tell the difference. They still don’t even try and hit behind a leadoff double. Frazier swings at the first pitch . Come on Mark. This lineup is for when you’re leading by 6 games , not behind.

You are right on one thing. I need to quit bashing Dusty. Time to move on . Thank you.

But you are right about one thing Jim. When you are behind 6 games to the team you are playing, it should be all hands on deck! Terrible lineup produced terrible results. Hopefully we can get the last two in the series. Go Reds!

I hope so as well. It’s just so hard to have confidence in an organization that continues to play and tolerate bad fundamental baseball. I thought Price would at least try to change that. I guess I was wrong. I know it’s early but if they fall 91/2 games out , it’s time to rebuild and everyone is tradable. The Brewers are for real and the Cardinals will get it together. They always do. And don’t forget the Pirates. It’s just too good of a division to overcome three teams.

Frazier, and the Reds, are doing this much too often:
J Votto doubled to deep left
T Frazier grounded out to shortstop
J Bruce struck out swinging
B Pena flied out to left
A batters job is to move the man on 2nd to 3rd; at minimum. Yet the team
continues to hack from the heels and pull the ball. Pitttttyfull.

Couldn’t have said it better . It’s been this way far too long and guess what. They continue to struggle to score runs. Wasn’t Price the man that was to hold players accountable for not getting the job done ? Well, Frazier failed twice last night at advancing the runners. He didn’t even try, swinging at the first pitch and pulling the ball to third both times. Let’s see what happens the next time this situation presents itself. It’s time to turn up the heat on Price.

I too like to point to the manager for a lot of things BUT the reality is there just isn’t enough talent on this team. The Reds are definitely one good hitter short … if not 2 or even 3! Frazier, Ludwick, Phillips and Cozart are good enough to only tease us. They don’t consistently produce enough. We rely on Votto and Bruce to do too much and the other team knows it too … that’s why they get all those walks and the others don’t produce enough runs. The team is flawed and owes too much money to too many of the wrong players so it will be really difficult to fix. The pitching is good enough that it’s possible to get a nice run going when the bats get hot … but we all know deep down they are not good enough to sustain anything more than a hot streak. I continue to cheer for them because I’m a Reds fan … but unless this team is hitting home runs they struggle to score. The homers come and go and so does the Reds ability to score.

Some guy in the Reds organization said if momma ain’t happy no ones happy. Hmm wonder who said that. I wonder what Bob’s thinking. What a great message to send to the team.

I just heard Ken Broo on WLW say the Reds aren’t built to play small ball. What a joke. He said even if Frazier got a bunt down last night , Bruce couldn’t hit the ball anyway. What is still doing in the 4 hole then ? He may be right. Guess what,. The way they play now isn’t getting the job done ,so maybe it’s ownership and Jockety”s fault. Time to blow ’em up and start over .

So you would rather be the Astros?

Did I say that ? Maybe you need to go to Houston.

Yeah, that makes a lot sense… You said that it was time to blow ’em up and start over, which is precisely what the Houston Astros did. It may work in the long run, but it as of now it has caused for several miserable years for that team and fan base. If you want to blow up the team (in May?) and start from scratch, how soon do you think you will be competitive again. Yes, this team has flaws and it is frustrating as Hell, but if you would rather watch a team rebuild for five years, I suggest that maybe it is you that should follow a different team.

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