Wet, rainy win for Reds

Items of note from a 3-2 Reds win over the Cubs on (a wet) Tuesday night:

*Billy Hamilton reached base four times and hit his first Major League home run in the bottom of the fifth to make it a 2-2 game. It was no wall scraper (or inside-the-park) shot but hit well into the right field seats.

*Hamilton, after stealing second base in the first inning, was told to remove a protective guard from his hand by second base umpire and crew chief Joe West. Hamilton just started wearing it to protect himself during head-first slides.

“This is the first year I’ve been sliding feet-first so I’m still learning and it slows me down. I wanted to go back to sliding head first and being myself,” Hamilton explained. “We got into the training room and made some stuff up today. A bunch of players are using it around the league I’ve seen. When I got there sliding, [West] said ‘let me look at it.’ He basically told me it was too long.

“He told Paul [Lessard] the trainer ‘why don’t you bring it to me before the game tomorrow and we’ll see how it is.’ It was on top of my fingers and not extra inches I’m trying to get to steal a base.”

*Incidentally, Hamilton was caught stealing for the fifth time in 15 attempts in the third inning. Catcher Wellington Castillo is 2-for-20 in catching base stealers this season.

*With a sacrifice fly that drove in Hamilton in the first inning, Brandon Phillips notched his first RBI since April 21 at Pittsburgh. It was also Phillips’ first RBI at a home game this season.

*The start of the game came after a 19-minute rain delay. The second delay began before the top of the fifth inning and lasted 15 minutes. Delay No. 3 came -shortly after the Reds took the lead in the bottom of the sixth with two outs. It lasted one hour and 11 minutes. So far this season, the Reds have had 10 hours, 16 minutes worth of rain delays.

*Reds infielder/outfielder Skip Schumaker (disclocated left shoulder) was ejected from his rehab assignment game with Triple-A Louisville for arguing a play at second base. Schumaker was 0-for-1 after he went 3-for 4 on Monday.


How big a dumbass is Schumaker? Got ejected from game when his only goal was to play and get at bats. Really! So stupid. I hope the Reds fine him.

Dumbass, yes. But cool. Getting thrown out of a rehab assignment – I love it! Miss all the arguing in the majors (not a knock on replay, just nostalgia).

Replay is a joke. It’ not good for baseball.

I just came across Hitrax while searching online. I believe that it is a simulator similar to the golf simulators. I have thought for years that batting practise needs updating. Seeing basically lobbed pitches from behind a screen does not hone the eye methinks. With a computerized simulator each player could simultaneously take batting practise and work at real world speed pitches of all types in all strike zone locations for say at least an hour a day.

I love the Reds, but even though they have players with great offensive capabilities, it is lack of offence that has been their downfall. Just like a pool game, it is not how many you score but when you score that makes winners. There have been far to many LOB’s.

Have the Reds looked into adding this simulator to their program? It is the age of the computer.

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