Reds beat up by Cubs

A few items of note following a 9-4 Reds loss to the Cubs.

*Tony Cingrani lasted only four innings and said he felt fatigued. However, the left-hander said there was no health issues. He allowed three runs, including Anthony Rizzo’s two-run homer. More on Cingrani will be up soon in my game story on

*The Reds finished April with a 12-15 record and are 7 1/2 games behind the first-place Brewers, their foe for the next four-game series.

*Bryan Price said the Reds would run more this season than in past years and it’s certainly been backed up. Jay Bruce notched his fifth stolen base of the season in the third inning when he took second base with two outs. Bruce had seven steals for all of 2013. Entering the night, the Reds’ 26 steals were second-most in the Majors behind the Dodgers’ 27.

*Billy Hamilton, of course, did his own stealing. In the fifth inning, Hamilton stole third base and came in standing up as there was no throw from catcher Wellington Castillo.

*The defense committed two errors. The Reds still have the fewest errors in the NL with 11 and hadn’t made an error in six-straight games until Wednesday.

“It’s going to happen,” third baseman Todd Frazier said. “We’re still one of the best defensive teams. The good thing about baseball is we come back tomorrow. We don’t have wait seven days to play a game.”

*Brayan Pena hit his first homer for the Reds with a leadoff shot to right field in the second inning. It was Pena’s first homer since 8/11/13 for the Tigers vs. the Yankees.

*It wasn’t a good night for the bullpen. The two go-ahead runs scored in the fifth against Nick Christiani, who got the loss. The Cubs piled on with four runs off Sean Marshall in the top of the ninth. Marshall faced eight batters and saw five of them reach safely on four hits.

“They did some good things, fought off some good pitches and hit some mistakes,” Price said of Marshall’s outing. “And they battled against him. He’s not in midseason shape yet. We’ve got to give him some time. You hate to see him battle as he had to get his outs. That’s who he is. He’ll find his way.”

*On the bright side for the bullpen, J.J. Hoover gave up a two-out double but worked two scoreless innings with four strikeouts.


Felt fatigued? SAD.

This team is NOT good. It is the same issue of the past few years; no energy, no intensity, no passion to compete and no drive to be winners. The best we can do as fans is to NOT show up at games. The only time ownership will pay attention is when they feel it in their wallets. I am hopeful when I see the stadium most empty as was the case tonight. I know I will not be attending a game until I see them prove that they really want to win games on a competitive and regular basis.

Like when they won the previous game? Get a grip dude. Real fans support their team no matter what, they don’t shun them until they’re playing better or you know, prove to you as an individual that they actually want to win. You suck.

Well said! I’m not sure what kind of fan would boycott showing up to support their team. All that will accomplish is a lack of funds to keep the team competitive eventually.

Hell yes.

What happened to the comment policy of no personal attacks? Hmmm. Well, sir. Go look at the standings. The Reds are under , 500 and cant beat the worst team in the division.

They have been to the playoffs 3 of the past 4 yrs. I call that competitive. Yes its stinks they are under .500, but you cant act like they are the Bengals from the 90s. They are spending money and doing their best.

One thing I was hoping for last year was to trade Phillips for anything as long as the other team took that salary. He just isnt the same. I really hope we werent trying to get the world for him like it was rumored. We still need a solid right hand bat and they just dont have one. They have all the pitching in the world so now find a right handed bat and this team should be able to compete.

I will always be a Reds fan and support them. I will admit they are a very frustrating team to watch. They all seem to have the same approach at the plate with the exception of Votto and they are not a very fundamental or smart team. I grew up with the Big Red Machine and guess that is part of my problem. I want more than being competitive. I want championships. They do lack leadership and an outwardly appearance of caring at times.

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