Game 26: Reds vs. Cubs



Would not be surprised to see the Reds sweep the Cubs scorring at will. Completely illogical which for this team is logical. I do agree that Phillips is just not a 3 hole hitter. He just never works the count other than fouling the ball off. Its not like he ever draws a walk.

Agree with this post …

The three hole is not supposed to walk . He’s there to drive in runs. At least he swings the bat. it wouldn’t surprise me if the Reds got no hit tonight.

Exactly Jim…
Traditionally: No. 3 hitter: This spot usually is reserved for the team’s best hitter, who often hits for a high average and still has power.
Modern: The player with the top OPS, or one-base plus slugging percentages, must hit third.
Either way, the Reds are marching to their own drums; they just don’t have players
to fit any pro-forma. Case in point, Phillips…has team leading AB’s yet only 1 HR and a miserable 4 RBI thus far. Votto batting 2nd isn’t doing much in the way of R; Reds are 22nd of 30 in MLB. Also, with Hamilton leading off and Votto batting second, why is it that Bruce leads the team with R scored.

I agree. The Reds just don’t have the money to go get those players. A true #4 hitter would help .

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