Sunday’s items of note

Quick postgame following a Reds 1-0 loss in 10 innings to the Braves. I have a plane to catch….

*Johnny Cueto has allowed one earned run over his last 30 innings. Cueto pitched eight scoreless today with three hits, three walks and 11 strikeouts. He has a 1.15 ERA but only a 2-2 record.

*Freddie Freeman described the final at-bat of the game when he hit a walk-off RBI single to the right-center field wall. It was a 1-0 pitch.

“I saw heater, heater,” Freeman said. “I saw him pretty good yesterday. He threw a first-pitch slider that I saw, and then he threw a heater heater yesterday, so I felt pretty good going into that at-bat.”

*The Reds are 3-9 in one-run games this season.

*Reds manager Bryan Price’s first career ejection came 25 games into his tenure. Price was ejected on Sunday for arguing the outcome of his failed replay challenge in the first inning. Managers are not allowed to dispute the final result of challenges. Read the full story by clicking here. Note — the ejection quotes are coming soon.

*The ejections of Price and Bailey were the first for the Reds since Brandon Phillips was ejected on Sept. 1, 2012 at Houston for arguing balls and strikes. Price’s ejection was the first by a Reds manager since Dusty Baker was ejected on Aug. 28, 2011, vs. Washington to argue Drew Stubbs being caught stealing.

*According to Elias Sports Bureau, since 1900, the most innings pitched for a Reds pitcher before May 1 is 54 by Pete Schneider in 1917. Bronson Arroyo had 41 last season. Cueto has 47 innings pitched.

*Ryan Ludwick was 2-for-4 in the game and batting .333 (15-for-45) on the road compared to .208 (5-for-24) at GABP.


Mark your link goes to mobile shop

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Not for me. I just did it from my phone

Yea I tried again and same blank mlb shop page. Not a huge deal for me but I know there are some that might have a chicken little moment because your link wont work.

Works fine for me.

Is Marshall healthy ?

Was Sunday Major League baseball by the Reds ? Manager and a pitcher ejected in the first knowing the rules, Votto strike out–The Dude pop out–Bruce strike out in the ninth–Hoover and Parra blowing another game (those two might like it in Pensacola). Wonder if Cueto is speaking to any of them today. The Reds continue to find ways to fail. Will they get it together ?

Trust me B. Price knows the rules. He knew he was going to be thrown out … he didn’t care …. he wanted to make a stand against this BS replay system. It’s pretty bad. The Reds lack of offense is really offensive.🙂 They hit HRs or they really struggle to score. Hoover and Para are killing them. They are expected to be reliable pieces of the bullpen and right now they are both awful. However, if we could consistently score some runs it wouldn’t be the end of the world that the pitchers gave up one lousy run in 9+ innings. It’s time for them to show some fire. I believe that is what Price was going for by going out and arguing the call … trying to fire up his team. It’s a tough job Price … this team is often very lethargic!

Actually I disagree with the runs only generated by home runs. They have done a good job this year getting runs without the home runs. The problem they keep running into is that past years swing away approach. This team excels when it works the count. Not sure why they keep losing their composure and swinging so early at every pitch.

Why would anyone think the Reds would show “FIRE” ? Price is as laid back as Dusty, they didn’t aquire any leadership, and the players they have now are as good as they are ever going to be.

Will there be a retraction of some kind from MLB for the screw up @1st base Sunday.
Stevie Wonder could have called that one.To not admit the error–shows a lack of hanging down things if you get my drift.

The replay showing how obvious he was “OUT” and still not overturned?? Makes it seem they will only overturn for certain teams.. no way that should have been blown that bad!!!! Can you imagine a play like that in the World Series?? they can hire me, i have glasses and can see the runner was out at 1st!!.. Oh I hope the Reds are happy not fixing the offense in the off season, they need better scouts to find players thru the draft that know how to hit in key situations (2 strikes/2 outs/ runners on base/a shift on) that will get the job done. AND fins some Cuban hitters that know how to hit would be nice too since the Reds didnt go after the last 3 that have defected from Cuba

that reminds me of the blocking the plate, double by Pena, as well as others replay that the reds lost as well were there was inconclusive evidence. Well now I dont know what to think anymore. There have been quite a few that you just cant tell from they angles, but this one seemed pretty easy.

I meant to add. Isnt nice to have great pitching and it doesnt help the team win, because our pitchers have to throw zeros on the board because our hitters dont adjust or better prepare?? Just like Freeman’s comments. He knew what was coming from the day before.. Cant recall our hitters ever mentioning that

We need a Stevie Wonder dressed as an umpire Bobble Head night.

The Reds did nothing in the off season but sign retreads . Why does anyone think they would be better ? They are just not very good offensively. The pitching is good (except Beatle Bailey) but the offense sucks.

i see the commercials all the time this product has too help Cozart and Frazier. How Cozart drops his back shoulder and swings underneath everything most of the time which=pop ups!!

If Cozart was in the American League , he would be the one designated hit for.

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