Mesoraco, Frazier injured

Two injury reports — one appears to be bad news for the Reds.

Catcher Devin Mesoraco strained his left hamstring trying to score on Billy Hamilton’s double in the seventh inning. The Reds haven’t made a roster move but Tucker Barnhart was pulled from Triple-A Louisville’s game upon the news. It’s likely that Barnhart will be here on Saturday, if Mesoraco needs to go on the DL.

Mesoraco grabbed his left leg and fell down near third base before limping home to score during the 5-4 loss.

“It balled up once I got my right foot off the bag and once my left foot planted there, it kind of balled up,” Mesoraco explained.

How serious?

“I don’t know,” he said. “We’ll see tomorrow. We’ll see in the next couple of days. It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s a day or two thing. It feels like it’s a little bit longer than that. It’s just tough to tell right now.”

Less serious is the news that 3B Todd Frazier has tightness in his left groin. Frazier hit a leadoff double in the second inning and felt tightness.

“It’s just tight. Before the game, it felt pretty tight,” Frazier said. “It’s tighter than usual. I was on second trying to tell [third base coach Steve Smith] because after I hit the double, I felt just a little tighter than usual. I told him not to send me if it’s going to be close with two outs. It brought them out and I explained to them my legs were tight. They know it’s been going on for a little bit. Nothing popped, nothing like that. Maybe just a day off would probably help it out 100 percent. I’m not really worried about it. I’m just being precautious.”


Wow! Just when the Reds injury situation was starting to brighten with the pre-game news on Chapman and Skip Schumacher. I feel really bad for Meso – he’s just been on fire at the plate now that the catching job is finally his. Hoping for his quick return.

They shouldn’t even mess around with Mesoraco. Don’t wait a couple days and see how he is because you always need to sit longer than you think for a hamstring to properly heal anyway and it’s silly to only have one real catcher on the roster available. Judging by how Devin reacted to it and looked immediately afterward I’m guessing he’ll need at least 2 weeks if not 3+ to fully heal so it’s not an ongoing issue. It’s a tough break but I prefer to have him back at full strength by mid to late May instead of it bothering him or him re-injuring it and being out even longer. Also, give Frazier the day or two he needs to get better. I’m wondering if part of Homer’s problem is stemming from his groin strain in spring training. I’m not looking to make excuses for him … I’m just wondering? Hopefully, we can win the next two in Atlanta but even if we can get just one .. it will be a nice road trip.

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