Game 21: Reds at Pirates

Hamilton 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Bernadina 7
Mesoraco 2
Santiago 6
Simon 1


I thought Dusty was fired. Again with the multiple lineups every night.

Why does it matter to you if the lineup is different? Seems silly.

I think Price has done a great job with so many key players on the DL. Of course he is going to juggle the lineup. He just got back Marshall & Broxton, who need some work to get back to normal. He has Latos and Chapman sitting on the DL. He is missing Schumaker and Hannahan. He has lingering injury issues with Mesoraco, Ludwick & Phillips.

I am happy that the Reds are currently only 1 game below .500.

Good managers “juggle” lineups based on who is available/off that night, what’s working within the lineup, and what’s not. Dusty’s problem was not juggling the lineup, it was sticking to lineups that were illogical and underperforming.

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