Hoover in big struggle

It’s no secret that some Reds fans have a big target of angst and dismay focused on reliever J.J. Hoover right now (just look at my Twitter timeline for proof). The numbers certainly support their displeasure.

In seven appearances, totaling 5 1/3 innings, Hoover has a 13.50 ERA with eight earned runs and seven hits allowed. The most troubling number is the eight walks, including three in Monday’s 6-5 walk-off loss to the Pirates. Walks were an issue when he was not sharp at Spring Training as well. He had seven walks in eight innings and a 5.63 ERA.

Hoover struggled at the beginning of 2013, also, but was able to turn it around. He lost his first five decisions to begin the season 0-5 and then won his last five. The first three of Hoover’s losses came within the first 10 games of the season, including two in extra innings but walks weren’t as big of a factor even though his slider was not working well. He had five walks and 13 strikeouts (and three homers allowed) over his 12 2/3 innings in April a year ago.

Many forget now that Hoover finished 5-5 with a 2.86 ERA and led the pitching staff with 69 appearances. He walked 26 and struck out 67 in 66 innings.

Now the question is, can he turn it around once again?


PLEASE !! Hope he is not around to find out !! I can’t see the reason Price was willing to just give that game away to save bullpen ! That ga me was just as important than the 3rd or 4th game of this series ! Send him away please !

I’m well aware of Hoover’s track record from last year and this year. I cringed when he was brought in Monday. Maybe he should not be used until June. I can’t envision Price bringing him in for another close game. He should probably be the # 7 (last) reliever in the bullpen and used for mop-up and middle relief until he can throw strikes and stop throwing home run balls.
I feel somewhat the same about Parra, too. He’s having some problems. Even Ondrusek needs to be watched. Cristiana is a little suspect. That only leaves Lecure and Broxton doing their job and Marshall has just arrived back.
I think Chapman’s return should be accelerated and a search for another good reliever should be a priority.
The Reds have (6) capable starters. I’m not suggesting that one should be a reliever, but that will happen when Lattos returns.

Making a move for a good reliever is a good idea before this season gets away !

The last spot should be reserved for Ondrusek…always. I couldn’t believe Price had him warming up in the 9th when Hoover got in trouble.

I’m willing to give Hoover more time to turn things around based on his record last year. The person I’ve lost patience with is Ondrusek. It makes no sense to me why the Reds keep him around. They should have sent him down to Louisville instead of Partch.

Parra then Hoover with Ondrusek warming up in the pen. I knew we’d lose that game. Parra looked awful the day before in Chicago. Seriously.

A good reliever needs a short memory. If they find this difficult, they can always ask fans for advice on they obtained such short memories.

Awesome statement I love it

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