Tough loss to Pirates

Items of note following a 6-5 Reds loss to the Pirates on Monday ….

*Pirates starter Francisco Liriano hit leadoff hitter Billy Hamilton in the right leg with his very first pitch of the evening. It didn’t appear to slow the speedy Hamilton, who managed to advance from first base to third base on a Joey Votto to the mound. Hamilton, who was running on the pitch, never stopped at second base when Liriano threw to first base. It was impressive. Hamilton scored on a Phillips fielder’s choice play when catcher Russell Martin dropped third baseman Pedro Alvarez’s throw.

*Mike Leake gets a no-decision following 7 ip,8 H, 4 ER, 1 BB, 1 HB, 2 K. The big hit was Ike Davis’ grand slam in the fourth.

“There was a chance to hit for him after six innings,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “With our bullpen the way it was set up today, we knew we had a couple of guys we weren’t able to use. I thought it was valuable to keep him in the game. He did a great job of throwing the seventh inning and was actually in line to at least go out there and at least face McCutchen and then bring Parra in to face Alvarez. We got to a spot in the lineup that I thought we needed to roll the dice with Heisey there and see if we could break the game open.”

*Price said Sean Marshall was one of the relievers not available tonight.

*On why Manny Parra was used to start the eighth and face Andrew McCutchen, who was 6-for-14 lifetime vs. Parra?

“Don’t forget, a lot of the numbers are based on Manny when he was in Milwaukee and he wasn’t the same Manny Parra we are seeing now, No. 1. No. 2, that people don’t know going into the game, there were a couple of guys we weren’t going to use in the game. I didn’t have the luxury of using a right-handed relief pitcher for one hitter to get to Manny and then to get to Hoover. It would have destroyed our bullpen. We were heading towards extra innings, potentially in a one-run game at the time. I have a lot of confidence there in Manny. Manny hung a split and McCutchen hit it out of the ballpark but I don’t regret the decision. We did not feel we could utilize a pitcher for one out the way we were set up in our bullpen for the rest of the game.”

*Davis hit his second homer of the season — both were grand slams vs. the Reds with the other one coming as a member of the Mets on April 5. This time, he broke his bat to hit one out to right field against Leake. Davis and Leake were Arizona State teammates in college. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Davis joined Mike Piazza and Ray Boone as the only Major Leaguers to hit grand slams vs. one team for two different teams in the same season.

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Very disturbed with Price’s reliance on Parra and Hoover–they fail more than they help. And I thought Partch was bad !

I believe this one was on Price. He is learning. Dont like Parra to start the inning against McCutchen. I want these managers to remember that Leake is not an ordinary pitcher. I thought Price had figured that out but wow did he blow that. Its like he knew the answer but didnt go with it. You had the lead. Just protect it at that point. If they were down or tied ok, maybe then. But even at that point Leake can hit. So dont waste the pitch hitter especially if Leake can go back out there for another inning or batter.

Hey, I came up with a nickname for Billy Hamilton – “Toddler,” because he has to walk before he can run.

Price blew this one. . I agree with bigblu. You never give any game away. You can’t get it back. It doesn’t matter if it’s in April or July.

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