Games 16-18: Reds at Cubs

The series at Chicago will be carrying on without me. I will be in Pittsburgh on Monday for the rest of the road trip.

Please check out the coverage on and feel free to chat amongst yourselves (politely) here.


Guys, I got a good feeling about the Reds all of a sudden. What’s the rotation this weekend? Cingrani, Simon and Bailey? Get the brooms out. Hamilton gets on base! Bruce hits! Mesoraco solidifies his hold on the NL MVP! Time to get the swagger back, and no place better than the Windy City! Go Reds!

Yeah! Like the lineup.

A new book: How To Take A Vacation When You’re Already ON Vacation” by Mark Sheldon

I guess most people don’t appreciate the hours working and travel that beat writers do the late hours to meet deadlines after long games and spending more than a fourth of the year away from your home and family there are parts of the job that are probably fun but they are at the ballpark way before and after and then the late flights this man and all the others work hard to get you the info you want so leave them alone

Odds to Win 2014 NL Pennant
Los Angeles Dodgers 3/1
St Louis Cardinals 4/1
Washington Nationals 4/1
San Francisco Giants 6/1
Atlanta Braves 8/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 10/1
Milwaukee Brewers 10/1
Cincinnati Reds 18/1
Philadelphia Phillies 35/1
New York Mets 40/1
Miami Marlins 40/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 50/1
San Diego Padres 50/1
Colorado Rockies 50/1
Chicago Cubs 75/1

One thing for sure…you gotta love our SP…
Cueto, Bailey, Latos, Cingrani, Leake; followed
by Simon, Stephenson, Corcino.
Very solid, as it was as well last season.

problem with the Reds offense last year was Frazier and Cozart. Problem with the Reds offense this year: Frazier and Cozart. Time to send these two duds a packing and invest in a trade for a ss and 3b. Drew is available and um surely we can make a package deal out there with one of our pitchers (chapman) to get a decent 3b out there that can get over .250

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