Chapman throws in bullpen

Aroldis Chapman took another step towards returning on Monday when he had his first side bullpen session. Chapman threw 25 pitches without issue.

“He threw the ball outstanding,” Reds manager Bryan Price. “He threw all of his pitches, including his slider. He was sharp, extremely enthusiastic and happy to be out there as we all were. It was exciting.”

It was Chapman’s first time on a mound since being struck in the face by a line drive on March 19. He suffered fractures above the left eye and nose.

“I feel really good. Everything went well,” Chapman said via translator Tomas Vera. “My fastball was good. My command was good. The breaking pitch worked good.”

More to come later on, including the plan ahead for Chapman.


I know that fee if any want to hear this, but…with the Reds’ outstanding BP that they
have today, they may well want to consider moving Chapman for an outstanding player of their choice, When? I would think sometime in the future when Chapman’s contract monies start to interfere with the overall budget; maybe late this season. In my opinion, he just isn’t needed as a 1 or 2 innings clean-up guy that doesn’t do more than most closers; regardless as to how fast he can throw a FB.

Strange game last night – three pairs of solo homeruns, matched against three two-run homers, and then Mesoraco’s solo shot. How about Mesoraco for President?!

Don’t agree with Neb re Chapman. Reds must have a GOOD closer and don’t see Broxton being that for the long haul. Should fully explore Chapman potential as a starter, too. Finally, Reds need the excitement Chap brings. Don’t let him get away.

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