Simon stepping up

I will have full details on another one-run loss for the Reds on Today’s score was a 1-0 final.

The offense is doing nothing and the rotation has deserved better for sure. Alfredo Simon was the latest pitcher to come up with a strong start and not be rewarded.

Simon’s eight innings pitched tied a career high. He allowed one run and five hits with one walk and four strikeouts. James Loney’s second inning leadoff homer on a 0-1 hanging split-fingered fastball was the difference.

Through 15 innings of work, Simon has allowed two earned runs. If Mat Latos is out for a while, he is showing he wants to step up.

“I just feel more comfortable when I’m pitching every five days,” Simon said. “I just try to work hard those days to come back strong. I feel really comfortable being a starter. That’s what I prefer.”

“This is an opportunity that he is seizing,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “I think he sees himself as a starter or a primary setup man or closer. He’s certainly showed us his value to the organization as a starter. Not having Latos ready right now, he’s been a huge shot in the arm and given us a chance to win a couple of games in his first two starts.”

Other items:

*3B coach Steve Smith was accountable for waving Joey Votto around to score on Brandon Phillips’ fourth-inning single with no outs. Votto was easily thrown by center fielder Kevin Kiermaier.

“I can’t get a guy thrown out with no outs and I understand that,” Smith said. “I tried to be too aggressive at the wrong time. I got burned.”

*Zack Cozart notched his first extra-base hit of the season with a one-out double down the left field line in the third inning.

*Todd Frazier snapped a 0-for-13 skid with a seventh-inning single to right field.

*LHP Manny Parra retired the side in order during the ninth inning and had two strikeouts. He has not allowed a run in six appearances over 6 2/3 innings this season.

*In four of the five games at GABP this season, the Reds have been held scoreless through the first eight innings.


Simon did a great job for the 2nd straight time. Now, about Hamilton. He’s not a switch hitter…he’s a right hand hitter. He’s terrible batting left handed. He should always bat right handed. If this is not changed he’ll be back in the minors. By the way, he needs a lot of work on bunting, too.

this offense needs to step it up.. what happened to this being a hitters park?? our team cant even hit or score hardly at all. Why cant Bruce go the other way in BP??? why give easy outs when the other team is giving you a free hit?? i guess its better to hit into a shift and make a out and bat below .200.. guess its that guaranteed contract.. no pressure or care… This team has been in “Zero Urgency to Win” since the last 6 games of last season… And since nobody has had to be accountable.. no need to change a thing.. a wake up call needs to be sent!! or selling tickets this summer will be not happening!!! why waste my money when the team shows zero change to better themselves????

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