Game 11: Reds vs Rays



Give credit to Price for trying it! Hope it works good today.

Odds to Win 2014 NL Pennant
Los Angeles Dodgers 3/1
St Louis Cardinals 4/1
Washington Nationals 4/1
San Francisco Giants 6/1
Atlanta Braves 8/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 12/1
Cincinnati Reds 18/1
Philadelphia Phillies 35/1
Milwaukee Brewers 35/1
New York Mets 40/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 45/1
San Diego Padres 50/1
Colorado Rockies 50/1
Miami Marlins 50/1
Chicago Cubs 75/1
*as of April 7, 2014

The Reds have now had superb SP/BP for a few seasons now…one has to wonder why the hitting is so poor…
28th Overall
25th Overall
25th Overall
26th Overall
When the team changes this, the “W” total will change.

On the flip-side…Simon is spectacular, again today…
l R after 7 IP. Our SP/BP is once again, incredible!

Going to be a long season for us Reds fans.

The sad part is that it is becoming “repetitive”; super SP/BP and mediocre/poor
hitting in any sense of the name of “situational hitting”. It’s becoming a habit that
seems their is little to no cure; season after season after season. ESPECIALLY,
after we have an owner that has put millions into the team over the last several
years ($30 million or so); the team should be paying Castellini back in play!
If we don’t make the playoffs this season, we need to re-evaluate the team
entirely. I can hear you guys now…”it’s early”…right…good SP/BP doesn’t last
forever guys…they get old and so does their salaries.

4 times today with man on 2nd with 0 or 1 out…never scored.
The moving around the lineup is like moving the chairs around
on the Titanic. Either our team will hit in individual situations,
or not…it’s been obvious and prevalent for a number of seasons
now. Very distressing; regardless of the tough or early beginning.

One more ‘bone to pick’…why in the hell did Smith send a slow Votto on a very
hard hit single up the middle by Phillips, when there were 0 outs and the power
hitters coming to the plate? Made absolutely no sense; none whatsoever. And,
for those that say “hindsight is 50-50″…Votto is a known slow runner and the ball
was hit very hard. Come on Smith…wise up; especially when there is 0 out and
the Reds are struggling for R. I’m done.

Because they are desperate. It is an organizational thing . No baseball IQ or teaching of fundamental as far as base running and situational hitting. Just swing for the fence. They get lucky every once in awhile. The Reds are the worst base running team I have ever seen !

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