What does the start it mean?

Lots of stressing going on among the fandom this morning and last night, it seems.

Memories can be short and thankfully, there are large databases full of historical information about baseball. I didn’t even have to go too far back to find a good way to contrast fast or slow starts on the Reds.

The 2011 Reds started out 5-0 and 8-3. They finished with 79 wins.

The 2012 Reds started out 4-8 and finished with 97 wins.

Some non-Reds teams in recent history?

The 2013 Dodgers started out 7-10 and were 31-42 and nine games out at one point. L.A. ripped off 92 wins and won the NL West by 11 games. They lost in the NLCS.

The 2010 Rangers started out 7-10, finished with 90 wins and reached the World Series.

The 2008 Rays started out 3-5 and 7-10 and finished with 97 wins, before going to the World Series.

What can be drawn from the 2014 Reds results thus far? I don’t know. The team has eight guys on the DL, including three from the bullpen. Perhaps the return of Jonathan Broxton helps the ‘pen. Devin Mesoraco is back and Mat Latos is just around the corner.

So, I guess it’s time to buckle in and see where this ride goes.


I have a feeling the the back up catchers may be better than Mesoraco.

Not worried yet. See potential to do good, especially once the bullpen gets healthy.

The issue I have isn’t with the pitching department. It’s the timely hitting. The Reds have collected many hits, but hardly any that have driven in runners in scoring position. Bases loaded and less than 2 outs and they can’t seem to push anything across. Couple that with lack of pitch recognition and it’s no wonder that they only have 2 wins.

Same as the past 3 years.

Mark, you have been doing this blog long enough to know that facts and reason have no place here…

In all seriousness, though, keep up the great work.

I don’t think Mesoroco’s arrival will have much impact. Barnhart and Pena seem to be doing real well. With Broxton and Latos back Bell should be given directions to Dayton or Louisvile and Hoover should be given a carbon copy of those directions and told he’ll need them if he gives a repeat performance of what he did in New York.

Well as a fan, I saw the lack of energy the last 6 games of the season last year and the playoff game. I see the same lack of concern now.. No Urgency to do anything different as a hitter to help this team. So it wasnt Jacoby, its the bold headed players that refuse to change.. I guess they like being the ugly step sister to the Cardinals..no urgency and a new manager that makes excuses. The Cardinals lost alot of pleyer to injury last year. didnt hear them use that as a excuse to stop winning. Nope they had other players turn it up a notch.. I feel bad for Bob, he is spending money and his players are sitting back with ZERO worry!! That is why i wanted a Lou Pinella Type.. Not a babysitter but a manager that demands effort!!

Great perspective. Thanks Mark!

I think it’s way too early to hang a noose around the neck of Bryan Price but it could be argued that this organization fares better when they have a “get in your face” manager like Sparky or Lou. Recent history shows that the “Aww shucks” guys just don’t stand too well with the fans or with the W/L records. Bob Boone? Dave Miley? For all of his haters, Dusty did post a winning record in Cincy (509-463) and he was a little more fired up than his predecessors. I like Bryan and I hope he does well but I agree that the players need to be riled up a lot more than what they currently are.

Sparky was hardly a ‘get in your face’ manager. The master psychologist of subtlety!

My concern is the Reds have a lead off hitter that can’t hit! Aka; Willie Mays Hayes.

Matt you may have nailed it. Hamilton should do push-ups every time he pops the ball up.

What troubles me is I see the same group of hitters that can’t deliver a clutch hit in a big spot, other than Phillips against Mets that the bullpen blew , Sac flies and groundouts to score a run ain’t gonna cut it . Votto , 1 or 2 RBI’s ? 22.5 Million a year and no power ?

IT means if you score more runs than the other team you win games.. YOU NEED RBI’s to win games…. The Reds do not have the offensive line up to generate CONSISTENT RBI’s across the 8 position starters…..
The echo…..

Mark, appreciate the stats for those of us who are headed for the lifeboats.

PLease don’t confuse this group with The Big Red Machine under Sparky.

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