Why the sac bunt?

It was a 5-3 loss for the Reds on Monday vs. the Cardinals but a game loaded with chances early. The Reds put the leadoff guy on base in each of the first four innings and couldn’t score.

In the top of the first inning after a Billy Hamilton leadoff double, Brandon Phillips sacrificed to move him him to third base. Hamilton would be left stranded. Many wanted to know why the Reds bunted there. Here is manager Bryan Price’s explanation:

“We had Tony [Cingrani] going, who was coming off of a great first start. We’ve got [Michael] Wacha, who has had really nothing but success as a starter in the big leagues. So we don’t know if he’s on or if he’s not. We know they’ve been tough to score against. We wanted Brandon to move him. It didn’t have to be through the bunt. He could try to drive one through the right side. He wanted to make sure he got the job done and he pushed the ball over there to the right side and got the job done. I think it’s always nice to try to get on top, to try to get that first run. It didn’t work out for us but he’s a very good performer in that situation, a very effective bunter and good at moving guys over. And he did his job.”


The problem is/was Votto did not do his job.

All for the bunt or even stealing third, Votto & Bruce MUST get the runner in from 3rd

Use Billee to get hits while he’s on. Look for some good pitches. What’re they thinking over there?

I would say that when a guy with a huge 0-fer (Hamilton) on the season leads off the game with a double, Wacha just might be hittable for your #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and maybe even 9 hitters.
Price blew this game single-handedly.
Anyone who knows anything about baseball would NEVER do what Price did.
And then having Pena stealing on an 0-2 pitch with 2 outs…priceless.

I wish the Reds were PRICEless.


Do you think….if we ask really nicely and apologize….that Choo will come back?

(no, this is not a slam on Billy. It is a slam on the Reds pathetic offense)

The guys at the top of the line-up have all been making decent contact. Why not let them swing away? With Billy, standing on second is the same as standing on third (except for a SF).
Does Price not have any confidence in the top of his line-up? After just six games?
As an aside – I wonder if Price was just covering for BP bonehead play.

The issue last season, during the off season and still now @ the beginning of this season…RBI’s… Everything else is a smokescreen. Great pitching cannot win without having the offense S C O R E runs.
RBI guy T2

Don’t understand the failures to hit with men on. Do we have a hitting coach ? Do we have players that won’t take instruction ? What goes ? Am still very concerned about the lack of any spark showing by anyone. Does this club care ?


Can we get a DL update on Latos, Marshall, Schumaker?

I and a lot of other people keep telling you. Votto is not a quality three hole. He can’t hit in the clutch as well as he did a few years ago. it’s time to face reality.

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