LeCure OK, Hamilton caught

The Reds suffered their third one-run loss of the season in a 4-3 defeat to the Mets. All the game story info is on MLB.com/Reds.com.

A couple of postgame items are here as well…

*In all four games, Sam LeCure has yet to emerge through the bullpen door. There is no injury issue, however.

“LeCure is fine,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “We’ve gotten him up in every game. In this case tonight, we wanted to have him to close. I didn’t want to get him up and not get him in. That would have been four consecutive games where we got him up and not get him in.”

*Billy Hamilton, who got the night off from the lineup, pinch-ran for Brayan Pena in the eighth as the Reds tried to even the game. He was caught stealing for only the second time in 15 big league tries. Both were against the Mets. Anthony Recker was the successful catcher this time — getting him after a 0-1 pitch from Kyle Farnsworth.

“He’s in that situation to get into scoring position and after strike one, it’s even more challenging because it opens up the possibility of a pitch out,” Price said. “It takes away the hit-and-run. Nobody is a sure thing. He’s going to be a very high percentage base stealer. He already has been in his limited time in the big leagues. There have been better conditions to run under but they did a great job. Farnsworth was quick to the plate. Recker made a perfect throw and still just got him.”

“I actually faced him in the Minor Leagues a couple years ago and he’s just as fast as he was then. He can still run,” Recker said. “Honestly, I’d like to say I threw him out twice in two tries, but both times they called him safe. But my shortstop told me that he was out both times so I’ll believe him, because I thought he was out both times.

“It was after he had already broken the record in the Minor Leagues. It was at the end of 2012 and he already had 100 and I don’t know how many bases. So I knew who he was. That was pretty exciting because I thought I threw him out both times, but I didn’t get the call.”


Hate to say “I told ya so”…
But when the Reds let their 2013 best offensive player walk away, did nothing to improve their offense which has struggled for many years, and then claim to be a better team……Well, it doesn’t make sense. I predicted a long , frustrating season for the Reds in 2014. And their first week is conforming my fears.

Great defensive team? Yes. Great pitching? Yes. But they haven’t been able to score runs for many years. Great pitching duels just make for boring games…and one run losses. If you cannot score runs, you will lose. This isn’t rocket science.

Third most runs in the NL a year ago, but with that correction out of the way, I see and get your point, particularly in terms of both consistency and clutch, and especially now sans Choo, as you emphasized.

Mark Haines is on target, but pitching duels don’t make boring games–they, with great defense, are baseball at its best !

Yeah we have played a whole 4 games! The season is definately over!

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