Chapman visits Reds clubhouse

I will have more on in a story shortly — but Aroldis Chapman dropped by the Reds clubhouse on Sunday. To be honest, I was stunned by how good he looked under the circumstances. He had some black eyes and a puffy nose. Thankfully, he did not look like he was smacked in the face by a line drive and needed surgery on his skull.

Visiting the Reds clubhouse on Sunday afternoon, Chapman had the appearance of a boxer who just finished 12 rounds in the ring. In reality, the lefty was the victim of a line drive to the face vs. the Royals on Wednesday night who needed surgery the following day to repair fractures above the left eye and nose. A metal plate was inserted to stabilize the injury.

“To be honest with you, I feel really good. I feel a lot better than I thought I was going to be,” said Chapman via translator and assistant trainer Tomas Vera.

Chapman was discharged from a Phoenix hospital on Saturday. Here are a couple of the things he said:

“I wasn’t thinking about nothing there. It was so quick,” Chapman said of when he was hit by the Salvador Perez line drive. “It was something you don’t have a chance to think about. At the time it was happening, I was conscious the whole time. I never lost consciousness. I knew what was going on. I was worried about what would happen. My face started to get bigger and I was thinking ‘what happened? What’s going to be the consequence of this?’ I was able to recognize and know what was going on with my surroundings.”

Are you surprised how good you look considering?

“I feel surprised, like you, yes, I can’t believe it,” Chapman said. “After I watched the video, and I have been watching the video, repeating it many, many, many times and every time that I see it I feel really happy because this could be something worse. The way how I am right now, the way how I feel I’m in no pain. I have no pain at all. How I’ve been progressing with has been great for me.”

UPDATE: Reds manager Bryan Price was glad Chapman could visit. The club did not know that he would be coming over until about 15 minutes before game time.

“It was great to see him. He was in good spirits,” Price said. “He’s been through a lot, quite a bit beyond the incident itself.

“I think it probably meant a lot to come back into the clubhouse and a lot of the guys on the team visited him in the hospital and brought him food and sat with him and talked to him. It was good to have him back.”


He’s gonna come back stronger than ever, just wait and see.

My biggest concern is not the physical damage, but the mental damages as a result of this! How will he feel, and what will he think when he takes the mound and someone slaps a ball his way??? I really hope he has no problems with it, but there are pitchers/players who have gone downhill after getting hit! Come on Chappy, we’re pulling for you!!! GO REDS!!!!!!

That will addressed some in the story when it’s posted on

Thanks God that kid is ok! (he looks like a kid right now!)
Neither anything (a ball) should be so quick nor to result in something worse.
For many years I have been throwing smileys against a brickwall, as near as I can and in fact it can be “measured”…it is so simple to do it…just count until you got ten in a row, as fast as you can throw and as near as you can be against a brickwall. This will give you the necessary psychomotricial response at least to avoid the contact of a ball hitted directly to your body…well, Gloves were made to be used…

I think MLB should start to change (ruling, improving, updating to these new instances) the way the players train, specially the Pitchers…It is a fact that Aroldis threw a 106 mph fast ball and, I ask to myself…what had ocurred to Aroldis if…in that occasion?…

Ok. May be I am from Mars but,,,I’m just trying to avoid this kind of things happen again…it must be ruled.

I was very sad to see SouthAmerican Games 2014 in my country Chile, without “the king of sports”…and, I was very very sad to see Olympic Games without the king of sports.

These kind of things must be avoided…so, train with smileys!.

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