Schumaker dislocates shoulder

More bad news for the Reds. Utility player Skip Schumaker suffered a dislocated left shoulder during Friday’s game vs. the Royals. As the left fielder, Schumaker was diving for a ball in the seventh inning and did not get up. He said his glove caught on the grass and got stuck as his body kept moving.

Schumaker was relieved the injury test results weren’t worse.

“Hopefully I will rehab it and be out a month or so, maybe less, and go from there,” Schumaker said. “It is a pretty clean dislocation. The MRI was a positive thing. It wasn’t like the Ludwick situation, which was my fear. We’ll just rehab it and see where it goes.”

Trainer Paul Lessard was able to pop Schumaker’s shoulder back into place right after he came off of the field to give him so relief from the pain.

More to come later on


Price has got to be pulling his hair out with all these injuries. The good part is that the Reds will be able to see how good their backup players are. They may even find a gem they didn’t know they had.

Sometimes injuries to allow you find a gem or have someone step it up who didn’t figure into the early plans. Classic case is this year’s Detroit Red Wings. Devastated with injures yet it’s allowed about 10 so-called kids to play. Been an absolute joy watching them develop. Not one would have had this opportunity if other’s didn’t get hurt. If you’re handed lemons…..

Well add Schumaker to the list of walking injured. Wow, I guess Bernadina and Nelson are making this team now. Our bench could be:

Heisey, B Pena, Bernadina, Nelson, Soto

Chapman, Latos, Marshall, Broxton, Hannahan, Schumaker all on the DL to start 2014. Bailey and Mesoraco could be next. If that happens, then 8 players will be on the DL. This will test the Reds depth.

Story is incomplete: Did he catch the ball?

I wrote yesterday that he didn’t and forgot rushing to post update here. But, really… Does it matter?

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