Four pitchers likely to start on DL

Injury news galore at Reds camp on Friday. I will have more on later, but here’s a quick update…

It looking like four pitchers — Aroldis Chapman (fracture above left eye), Jonathan Broxton (right forearm), Sean Marshall (left shoulder) and Mat Latos (left knee) — are likely to begin the season on the disabled list.

“It’s quite possible. That’s very realistic,” manager Bryan Price said.

There could be a fifth pitcher as well. Homer Bailey has been bothered by a right groin strain. Bailey has a bullpen session this morning.

“Today is a pretty big day,” Price said of Bailey’s upcoming bullpen session. “We’d like him to pitch on Sunday. If he can pitch on Sunday, then he could come back and pitch again on Friday. Then he’s lined up for the season. He should be able to get his innings and his number of pitches to be ready to go.”

*As for the closer situation, Price was not ready to name someone. It could be one person or a committee situation. Will have much more on that in a story today.

*Price was feeling positive after Chapman had surgery to repair his fracture on Thursday evening. Chapman can begin working out and throwing in 10-14 days and could pitch in game conditions in 4-6 weeks.

“It certainly is better than expected,” Price said. “You always fear the worst case scenario in that situation. It was a very traumatic experience for Aroldis and the rest of us. We’re happy that our doctors are so optimistic the surgery went well and he should be back on the field relatively quickly considering.”

*Latos is scheduled to pitch three innings in a Minor League game on Monday. Price would like him to get five starts in spring before he can begin the regular season.

*Catcher Devin Mesoraco has been out a couple of days with a strained left oblique. The severity isn’t entirely known but he’s been told to rest a couple of days.

*Marshall threw in the bullpen on Thursday and his shoulder felt good.

*Broxton is slated to throw an inning today vs. the Royals.


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This spring has been one for the chickens: Scratch, scratch, scratch…

The only concern I have regarding Chappy is not physical, it’s mental! I just hope that after this, he isn’t “gun shy” when he gets back on the mound! Hopefully our pitching situation clears up soon!! A lot of pitchers on the DL before the season even starts!! GO REDS!!!

I still think we are going to miss Bronson.

Going into spring training, I believed from top to bottom we had more
depth than any other team in baseball. And though injuries have hit us harder than any other team I’ve seen in quite sometime, I in no way am hitting the panic button. I love the fact that Alfredo Simon can step into the starter’s role. For years I’ve loved him. We are going
to be okay once all the dust settles. Guys like LeClure and Hoover can get the job done until Chapman returns. Those are two guys I am more confident with than Broxton. Looking forward to this season. If we can weather this early storm, we are going to be okay.

You are kidding, of course (of course you are!) about the depth of this organization headed into the spring, aren’t you? Staying healthy, as in 2012, was really their only shot. Now that has evaporated. They will start the season with definitely six on the DL and with the outside possibility of that number expanding to NINE…

Of course I’m not. The injuries hurt. That’s true. But I just came back from three weeks in Goodyear and I’m not panicking like I would any other year. We have a lot if arms that can patch the leaks for the time being. If we need guys like Christiani, Francis or B. Marshall to step in, these guys I think can do it. We for have way more depth than people think. Sure we don’t have 6 more Johnny Cueto’s waiting in the wings. But who needs six of him anyhow. He’s been injured for two years. BTW, I love what I’ve seen of guys like Francis and Christianity and a couple other looking for a spot. I’ve been a Reds fan since 1969. And only a few times have I ever felt as good about us, injuries aside, as I do this year. True championship teams have all experience injuries. They don’t give up hope. I see more Reds fans today who have no confidence in their team. Do I wish everyone e was healthy? Of course I do. But we gave what we have my friend. Just give it a month and see what happens. If these young arms can keep us in contention near the top, then they did their job. And I have confidence they will. This year it’s just different. Even around camp the past few weeks, their is a calm. Just give it time my friend, Denny Reds Observer”. You may be right. But I rather think I am. We do have a major plus compared to most other teams who may have as many injured arms. We have Price. Long before Dusty was shown the door, I was hoping for Price to manage this club. Met him many times and he is one smart man. If anyone can keep his players calm, it’s him. Although Dusty is a good man who my wife and I truly like as a person, I would feel more comfortable with Price winning with an injured staff than Dusty winning with a healthy one. Just give it a few weeks Denny my friend. Maybe I’m all wrong, but I’m thinking I nay be right on spot. Peace brother! ……..”This one to left center is gone! That’s 658 for “The Say Hey Kid”.

I think if you’re relying on Jeff Francis to be your salvation from all the mounting arm injuries, I think you’re in bigger trouble than you can imagine. On the other hand, I’m not too worried about Mr. Cueto. He has not been incapacitated for anything close to the two years you claim. He was healthy for all his appointed starts in 2012, falling victim to his oblique problems only in the playoffs. True, he then spent much of 2013 down, but that is really only ONE season sidetracked for this is just the start, of course, of the next. I hope you’re right, naturally, but I really question the quality of depth within this organization, both in terms of in-house options from their own system and non-roster invitee alternatives as well.

Gotta just keep the faith Denny. Which I think you do.Jeff Francis Is only one of many options. We have the people to step up I truly believe. They were gonna have to step in at some point. We’ll soon see. Like I said, we have the right manager in position to deal with these injuries. That I truly believe. Talk more soon I’m sure my friend. …..”This one to left center is gone!”

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