Chapman posts pics from hosptial

There are photos from Aroldis Chapman’s Instagram account. They are from the hospital.

Click here to see them. One of them is rather graphic, however, but really says a lot about what’s been through.>


Where’s the pics????????

Did you click on link?

What link?

No pic, no link here.

I admire Aroldis just by his 106 mph. In 1981 I was called “The Best Arm Of Chile” (My Coach in 1980-1981 played MLB with TEXAS RANGERS as a pitcher so…) and I know the enormous (huge) work involved…my fastball was 93 mph (1,69 mt tall)
I think I can do something for Aroldis OR AT LEAST TO TRY IT!

I heard a video and they said “no a thing to do about that”…but I can assure you the contrary.

There exists pXbL! (say it pitchball), a variation of baseball I practice with my children since 2007 to teach them how to move in “FAST CAM”…WITH “SMILEYS of different sizes INSIDE A BASKETBALL FIELD…it means that you can EXTRAPOLATE Distance, Velocity, Acceleration from Minimal Surfaces (in fact a Basketball field is a Minimal Surface compared to a Baseball Field).

I can assure you the following: If Reds -mainly pitchers, catchers and infielders but all the team including the ballboy (never forget the ballboys)- practice pXbL! they will gain “control of the psychomotricial response”…

Smiley: a rubber ball you can see everywhere…and now, you can use it to play FAST CAM pXbL!.

One Last Thing: My children practice MARTIAL ARTS, not baseball, Through pXbL! they both have won several Shotokan Karate Do Championships…Remember FAST CAM.

Thanks. And I hope this can help the player I admire.

Sorry: One last thing

I can’t remember the name of my Coach in 1980-1981 he was from Venezuela. He and Kermit Clark (our trainer or physical trainer) they both made that miracle with my ARM.

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