Chapman update; Perez talks

Most of the Aroldis Chapman updates will be on but here’s a quick one — he is having surgery this afternoon to repair the fracture above his left eye. Chapman will have a metal plate inserted over the bone as well. Estimated recovery before he can resume pitching is 6-8 weeks.

When asked if Chapman would pitch for the Reds this season, team medical director Dr. Tim Kremchek replied “absolutely.”

“Right now he’s awake, he’s alert and knows what’s going on,” Kremchek said. “The idea is to get that fixed and hopefully within a couple of weeks, he can start exercises and start throwing and hopefully be back in 6-8 weeks with contact. The problem is you don’t want him to get back to contact or pitching too soon because just in case another accident or some type of collision happens or a baseball hits him again.”

Several players and people have visited Chapman at the hospital, including Reds catcher Brayan Pena and the batter who hit the ball that struck the pitcher — Salvador Perez.

“He was pretty doing pretty good. I saw him afterward, went to the hospital. I talked to him and there were a lot of players there,” Perez said. “He talked to everybody and knew who every person was. He was doing better.”

More quotes courtesy of my colleague, Dick Kaegel.

Terrible feeling?

“For sure, I feel terrible. I didn’t want to hit anybody. It’s part of the game but I just felt real bad when that happened last night.”

You feeling better about it now?

“I feel a little bit better. He got an inflammation right there where the ball hit but I think that’s part of it so I think he’s going to be better.”

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