Reds have a replay coordinator

You’ve likely never heard the name of Rob Coughlin before as being a member of the Reds baseball operations department, but that could change in 2014 with the advent of instant replay in Major League Baseball.

Coughlin has been with the club the past few seasons as its video coordinator. At GABP, he is in the video room ready to cue up players at-bats when they want to look at their swings. He shows clips of opposing pitchers so hitters can get a look. Pitchers can look at their own mechanics when need be. On the road, he does the same thing with a traveling set of laptops and video machines.

Now Coughlin has the added responsibility of being the Reds’ replay coordinator. If there is a questionable call by an umpire, it will be his job to alert the bench that manager Bryan Price should request a replay. A second person, still unnamed, will assist Coughlin.

“He’s very good,” Price said of Coughlin. “He’s also good with the protocols. He’s gone through the training. He’s done a lot of work. He prepared for this opportunity even though we didn’t make this decision until just recently that he would be the guy. We feel like he’s the best guy suited. He’s a bright guy. He understands the rules of the game, what are reviewable and non-reviewable plays. He will have immediate access to the replay. It’s been said ‘why don’t we find an ex-umpire or somebody to come in and do it?’ But we feel like we have the people in-house to do it. If we feel it overwhelms or overtaxes Rob, then we’ll make an adjustment. At this point, we’re very optimistic that Rob can handle the workload.”

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