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There will be no blog posts here while I take some time off to recharge with my family.

I will be back at it on Friday. Meanwhile, there will be daily coverage of the team on Reds.com/MLB.com.



Well, guys, some mid-term evaluations?

Unfortunately, still no clutch hitting. More of the same from last season;
Frazier, Mesoraco, etc…

Vote For the REDS on espn radio the Herd Franchise bracket challenge

Incomplete and without significant marks thus far…but in serious troubled waters with what little has been assessed.

I don’t want to appear to be a goober who takes spring training seriously, but the hitting just hasn’t been there – is anybody hitting? Time to kick and scream for the Reds to fire the (new) hitting coach? I sort of remember 1990’s spring training being a mess and that team started the regular season on fire. Maybe that’ll happen this year, but …

I think it will take time to remove bad habbits that were used by the former mgr and hitting coach. I really believe that trying to correct these habbits in spring training will at first look bad then hopefully turn the corning in the season. Again hopefully. If they are not changing hitting approaches then there is a completely different issue here.

Bernardina is hitting. Not on the 40-man roster, though. What’s Hamilton’ OB like so far? Not exact number, just an impression? There’s been some silly talk that with his base stealing, a .310 on base average would make him as effective as a .380 lead-off hitter. That’s nonsense. Getting on base is only part of it. The other part is not making an out. You only get three an inning. Also, how’s Hamilton’s fielding? I haven’t heard anythng bad about it, but this would be only his second year in center.

Hamilton is surprising; .318/.444/.409/.854. The question now is, can he maintain it.
As for his fielding, he is deceiving. He is so fast that he makes nearly all plays look routine, when the majority of fielders throughout MLB couldn’t even get to the ball.
They say that when he gets on lB, the pitcher cannot slide step, must throw a FB and the location must avail itself so that the C can rise, catch and throw in nearly one motion, while making a perfect throw to 2B…any other combination of events and the base will be stolen. That works well for Phillips, in that he will see a number of FBs.
Now, we only need Votto, Ludwick and Bruce to plate him. With that said, and it is still early, we continue to look feeble at the plate.

Reds make 16 cuts to Spring Training roster
By Jesse Sanchez / MLB.com | 3/11/2014 8:43 P.M. ET
GOODYEAR, Ariz. — The Reds made several roster moves following Tuesday’s game against the Giants.
The club optioned right-handed pitchers Carlos Contreras, Daniel Corcino and Chad Rogers along with left-handed pitcher David Holmberg, outfielders Ryan LaMarre and Donald Lutz to Triple-A Louisville.
Outfielders Juan Duran and Yorman Rodriguez along with left-handed pitcher Ismael Guillon were optioned to Double-A Pensacola. Right-handed pitchers Tim Crabbe, Michael Lorenzen and Robert Stephenson along with catchers Rossmel Perez and Max Ramirez and infielder Reynaldo Navarro were reassigned to Minor League camp. The club also released infielder Henry Rodriguez.
There are 44 players remaining in big league camp.

Players hitting north of .299…


—— — – — – – — — — — —

S Schumaker .550 9 20 6 11 16 2 0 1 4
R Bernadina .500 9 16 8 8 14 2 2 0 1
J Winker .500 1 2 0 1 2 1 0 0 0
N Soto .375 11 24 3 9 17 5 0 1 2
J Bruce .333 9 18 3 6 13 2 1 1 4
C Heisey .333 9 24 4 8 20 3 0 3 6
R Navarro .333 9 12 0 4 7 1 1 0 1
B Hamilton .318 9 22 8 7 9 2 0 0 3
C Nelson .300 11 20 3 6 8 2 0 0 2

Heisey making a case to play; finally…
leads team with 20 TB, 3 HR, 6 RBI.
Shumaker and Bernadina are hitters.

Mesoraco hit an RBI…once again, it was on an out. This kid has yet to turn the
corner; popping up, flying out and hitting ground outs to score his runs. I really don’t
see what the team sees in him, yet he has a year to prove me completely wrong.

Reds have lost their last 10 of 11 games. In those 10 losses, they have scored an average of 2.8 R per game, while giving up 6.3 R per game to the opposition.

All meaningless. Now, on the other hand, do I think the Reds will struggle and are presently over-estimated in the minds of many fans? Yes. But these spring results haven’t a thing to do with it. Rather: fragile arms and lats and knees on a starting staff that has little depth beyond the front nfive; shoulders unhealed in the bullpen; no real offense from third and left, positions that cry out for it, almost demand it for a team’s offense to click; no clutch hitting up and down the batting order; and, last but hardly least, a rookie manager with no managing experience at any level. Too many holes to have everything fall into place, as it did only two years ago in 2012. That happens about once every two decades or so. The nquota has been used up.

I dont believe that at all. Our pitching is as strong as ever with another year of experience under these kids. I think the pitching will continue to dominate and lead this team to the playoffs again. Votto will be better, Bruce continues to produce better. I cant imagine Frazier and Cozart having worse years than last year. I am thinking it will be similar to the team of two years ago but with better pitching.

Cingrani lead all of MLB in SO average while pitching over 100 IP last season.
He struck out 10.3 per 9 IP. Predominantly, a FB pitcher, this statistic shows a
great deal of movement and accuracy by the 24 year old. With only a partial season
under his belt, coupled with a 2.92 ERA over 104 IP, this kid is something very, very
special imo, mature beyond his years. Actually reminds me of a very young Steve Carlton (for you youthful fans, Steve pitched 65′ to 88′; the majority of time for the

In 2012, Reds had 14 guys hitting .291 or better by the end of camp. Votto was hitting .264
Currently they have 7 and only one of them is a probable starter (Bruce). Votto is at .200.
Still early, but I expect these guys to start picking it up over the next week.

Red’s position players; thus far…
Hamilton CF .269/.387/.346.733
Phillips 2B .167/.259/.375/.634
Votto 1B .200/.286 /.280/.566
Ludwick LF .217/.217/.391/.609
Bruce RF .318/.483/.636/1.119
Frazier 3B .250/.296/.542/.838
Mesoraco C .227/.217/.273/.490
Cozart SS .222/.222/.296/.519

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