3/2 Reds vs. Padres



I found myself thinking about Dave Sappelt this weekend, remembering the spring training he had that made me think he was the next coming superstar, and wondering who might do that this spring. It’s good to remember three things: I won’t see a pitch or swing from the team this spring; and if I did, I wouldn’t be able to judge its quality or big league readiness; and finally, spring training numbers don’t really mean anything without the judgement. And yet, I still believe in my heart of hearts I could general manage this team. Go figure. Now, let’s start the drumbeat for Donald Lutz starting in left field opening day!

Yeah, if Lutz is the starter on Opening Day, it won’t be the expected third or fourth place finish for this club in 2014. It’ll be the basement, looking up at Theo Epstein’s up and coming Cubbies!

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