Bonus info from Thursday

The Reds now have a 1-1 Cactus League record after being roughed up by the Indians, 12-3, on Thursday. The game story will be on

Here is some other news you can use:

*Reds pitchers combined for 10 walks allowed and 12 hits, including six four extra bases. There were three home runs. Johnny Cueto pitched two scoreless innings while throwing 45 pitches but manager Bryan Price thought he was erratic.

“He wasn’t sharp,” Price said. “That’s quite often part of the first outings in Spring Training. It wasn’t just Johnny but to a man almost. We were up in the zone and situations, especially here, you get some balls up in the air and they hit some balls real well. You give up 12 runs on 12 hits, that usually means there were some extra base hits and some walks involved also. It’s going to get a lot better. These early outings for me don’t carry a whole lot of credence or any barometer.”

*Cueto gave up a one-out double in the first inning and issued two walks in the second inning. The second one, with one out in the second, brought new pitching coach Jeff Pico to the mound for the first time this season. Pico pointed out a mechanical flaw and Cueto recovered to get a lineout and a strikeout. Working with Pico this season after four years of Price as pitching coach was no problem for Cueto.

“I feel proud to have two good pitching coaches with us. I feel really well with Pico,” Cueto said.

*Price said all of his starters would work two innings the first time through the rotation, barring a long inning or high pitch counts.

“Typically with these guys, we’ll try to start with two innings and then advance an inning per start,” Price said. “Their pitch allotment increases every time that they go out.”

*Billy Hamilton led off strongly in the first inning again. Hamilton worked a full count vs. Justin Masterson before lining a single to left-center field. Shortstop Mike Aviles saw Hamilton turn wide and rushed a bad throw to first base that went into the seats. It was a single and a two-base error. Hamilton didn’t end up scoring, however.

*Zack Cozart drove in the first two runs in the second inning with a double through the gap in left-center field. Cozart tried stretching for a triple but made the first out at third base. Normally that would be a no-no, but the attempt fit in with the Reds’ push to run more aggressively during Spring Training.

“This is the place to be aggressive,” Price said. “We don’t want to make that out there at third base. However, the caveat is we’re imploring these guys to be aggressive on the bases. We’ll certainly continue to talk about our situational baserunning. If we’re going to err in Spring Training, it’s going to be because we’re overly aggressive or overzealous. And we can live with that.”

*Brandon Phillips was the only other regular besides Hamilton and Cozart in the lineup today. Phillips banged his thumb during Wednesday’s game but wound up being OK.

“He bent the nail back and bent the thumb back a little bit but he didn’t have any issues with it after the game,” Price said. “Brandon was in with [head trainer] Paul Lessard. He trimmed the nail back and all reports are good so far.”

*Prospect Michael Lorenzen made his big league camp debut in the seventh inning. Lorenzen started with a fly out and after a one-out single, struck out his third batter. With two outs, Cleveland’s Tyler Naquin hit an opposite field drive that kept carrying over the right field wall for a two-run homer.

*FOX Sports released its national television game schedule, which has been enhanced with the arrival of Fox Sports 1. The new cable network will air the following Reds games: April 8 vs. the Cardinals, May 15 vs. the Padres, July 26 vs. the Nationals, Aug. 23 vs. the Braves and Aug. 30 vs. the Pirates.

Regional TV games for the Reds on the original FOX network will be on May 24 vs. the Cardinals at GABP, June 14 at Milwaukee and July 12 vs. the Pirates at GABP.

*First pitch temperature was 73 degrees.

*It got a little salty in the press box between the Cincinnati and Cleveland writers today. The topic was music and bands and let’s just say there was plenty of disagreement in tastes. Some bands were trashed in the process and there was plenty of collateral damage.


Not everyone can be the Creed fan you are, Mark!

Yeah, I can just see it: those Partridge Family and Osmond Brothers fans going at it in a confined space! Like a caged death match on WWE! Bet it got Sons of Anarchy ugly in a heartbeat! While the Tiffany fans stand in a corner, keeping silent and looking smug!

You had to mention the temperature.

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