Price pleased with camp

*It is a shorter than usual day at the Reds player development complex on Tuesday. The post-workout conditioning was bypassed for a day among other things. The first game is on Wednesday vs. the Indians and guys are itching to get started.

To this point, manager Bryan Price has been pleased with the camp.

“It’s been just the continuity with the players and the coaching staff,” Price said. “I really think we’ve got a really good bunch of people here. The players are completely focused in on what we’re doing. We’ve had really good, fluid workouts. There has been no loss of energy. There is some intensity to the drills we’re doing. There’s been a good really rapport, considering that it’s mostly a new coaching staff. The guys have kind of bought in to the message and our areas of focus.”

*After some struggles in the first half of last season, SS Zack Cozart finished strong. While Cozart is considered big in the defensive equation, Price has confidence that he can be a contributing offensive player, too.

“There is a lot more room with Zack as an offensive player,” Price said. “He’s been working his tail off to access it. I’m optimistic that this will be a tremendous year for him all the way around.”

*One of the drills performed today was pickoffs, rundowns and preventing breaks towards home plate. I saw some impressive pickoff moves from several pitchers. For various situations on a sign given, each infielder has a role of what to cover and one could see how much precision is needed to make the play. On one play, I saw catcher Corky Miller hustle up to first base to get a ball to get a runner caught between first and second base.

*Among the players ready to get started with games is new utility player Skip Schumaker.

“I think everyone is ready for games, especially the guys that have been here for a while,” Schumaker said. “I’m sure the pitchers are ready. They’ve probably done enough PFPs [pitchers fielding practice]. I think we’re excited to get this thing rolling.”

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