Latos thrilled with progress

It was another day of throwing, catching, hitting and fielding drills. But there was an important addition to the usual stuff on Sunday. Pitcher Mat Latos was able to participate in most of the activity with his fellow pitchers for the first time this spring.

Latos had Feb. 14 surgery to repair a partially torn meniscus in his left knee.

“All in all, today was the best day that I’ve had,” Latos said. I had been doing my exercises and strengthening stuff but I wasn’t able to actually get out and interact with the guys. This was a huge positive to be able to go out there and throw and run and the other stuff.”

Today, Latos stretched and played catch with the team, throwing with Jonathan Broxton. He also participated in backing up bases during the cutoff and relay drill. He also did some pitchers fielding practice (PFP)

“Nothing too serious where I was spinning or turning,” Latos said. “It was simple stuff, fielding and going in the same direction and making a throw. Nothing too crazy.

“I did box drills – four cones that are set up and you sprint to one, pivot on this leg, side shuffle one way. Backpedaling bothered me a little bit but that’s to be expected.”

Latos said his long tossing has reached distances of 100-120 feet. He does not know yet when he will be allowed to throw from a mound.

I will have more later on my notebook for


Someone on the radio this weekend refered to Latos as a ‘no less’ than the no. 2 starter in the rotation. Is it possible he could move up to no. 1, in view of the knee setback? I assume no one is even hinting he might not be ready when the season starts … Can’t wait for Wednesday’s game. Usually, it’s on the radio. This year?

I’ve heard that the game may actually be televised on MLB Network, but I have no confirmation of what remains a delicious rumor!

The rumor is true. The game starts at 3 ET. MLB Network will air it in full with a 2 hour delay starting 5 ET.

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