Extra notes from Saturday’s camp

Reds camp was a rather normal experience on Saturday. There was no pitchers throwing live BP but plenty of drills and regular batting practice spread over the four main practice fields. I saw Ryan Ludwick and Brandon Phillips clear the fences a few times.

*Pitchers and infielders worked on shifts, bunt plays and situational plays. In the outfield, they practiced over-the-shoulder type catches.

*Skip Schumaker has been working with the outfielders in the early days thus far. On manager Bryan Price’s board, Schumaker is also listed in the outfield. He can also play second base and third base.

*One of the developments from Price came his plan to have the players run and steal more during camp. Click here for the notebook item. Price stressed that the players should seize the opportunities, especially when a pitcher is slow to the plate or not good at holding runners.

“We’re going to open things up in Spring Training,” Price said. “The one way to find out where we need to improve is giving these guys more responsibility and more freedom in Spring Training and see what they do with it. It creates more dialogue between the players and the staff – good times to run, situational base running, holding runners and taking on more of that responsibility. Until you give them the freedom to do it, you don’t know where you really need to put some focus, who needs extra work and maybe who is a little bit more adept than we’ve been giving them credit for.”

*Price lives in Scottsdale, Ariz. – which is on the opposite side of Phoenix from Goodyear. He continues to wake up early each day and commute to the other side of town.

“In the last four years when the games have started, there comes that time where you hit the wall of driving an hour home and getting up at 4:30 and leaving the house at 5,” Price said. “In the morning, it’s about 45-50 minutes. It’s not that bad. When the games start, and the days get longer. There will be times when we will be on the west side three or four days in a row and I’ll just get a hotel room for a night or two just for a reprieve.”

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