Leake likes new baseball card

On Wednesday morning, a vice president of sales from Topps was in the Reds clubhouse signing players to their annual contracts — including Homer Bailey. Per every season, he came armed with fresh packs from series 1 of the 2014 Topps Baseball Cards set.

Reds pitcher Mike Leake was particularly pleased with his card. Instead of pitching, the card shows Leake hitting.

“They finally got it right,” Leake joked.



It would be nice if we had a pitcher that could hit!!! A double barreled threat!!! GO REDS!!!!

where did Micah Owings end up at?

Huh? We do have a pitcher than can hit. Leakey.

Owings is a free agent.

Leake has 2 homers and a career .251 avg. For a pitcher, the man can swing a stick. He even has a .333 avg for a season and a .295 avg for another season. He can definitely hit.

and i think one of the reasons he started his career strong on hitting was because he didn’t go to the minors where they start to have the pitchers focus primarily on their pitching. He also runs the bases well and has been used to pinch run.

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