Bailey close to multi-year deal

Reds starting pitcher Homer Bailey’s arbitration hearing is slated for Thursday, but it looks like he won’t need to go to Florida to have it. Bailey confirmed Monday morning that he is near to agreeing on a multi-year contract with the Reds.

“It feels like we’re really close,” Bailey said. “That’s all I can say. This whole process has been a long drawn out deal. That’s the way it goes. To say this as confident as I’ve been, yeah, I think so.”

As of last week, there was a large gap in the negotiations but that difference was bridged as a hearing loomed closer.

A report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer said the deal could be worth around $100 million over six years.

Bailey filed for $11.6 million while the Reds had countered at $8.7 million. One year ago, the Reds and Bailey avoided arbitration with a one-year, $5.35 million contract. He said that as the hearing draws closer, he hasn’t been getting more nervous or stressed.

“Not so much. There are a lot of things that we have in place, I think,” Bailey said. “I feel like a majority of it is fairly worked out. It’s some of the little details, I think, that we’re really close with. With us being here and everybody in different time zones, it puts a little bit of a damper on things.”

In 32 starts last season, Bailey was 11-12 with a career-best 3.49 ERA. He achieved career bests in innings (209) and strikeouts (199). On July 2 vs. the Giants at Great American Ball Park, he threw the second no-hitter of his career.

Improvement has come mainly over the last three seasons, as Bailey went a combined 33-29 with a 3.79 ERA. Over the 549 innings that span, he has a 3.40 strikeouts-to-walks, a 1.21 WHIP and 105 ERA+.

How confident is Bailey that a deal might get done soon? He has yet to buy a plane ticket to go to the hearing.

“Not yet. But I also don’t have a suit so I might have to go to Men’s Warehouse today,” Bailey said.


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Mark, can you comment on how this might affect signing Latos long term (which I think is essential), as well as what it’s going to do to payroll flexibility in future years? I’m surprised by this given the “we don’t have any money” type of talk from Jocketty most of the off-season. I know in a couple years they’ll be out from under Broxton, Ludwick, Marshall, Hannahan, etc, which could have a bearing on the decision, but I’m still somewhat surprised by this.

This is really good news for Reds fans. I believe the Reds have a commitment to keep this talented group of pitchers together, the core of the future success of this team


I’d say its good news with a caveat: Are they going to be hamstrung by having 3 big contracts in Bailey, Votto and Phillips? If the club can afford to bring in other players around these guys, and also get Latos extended again, then I agree with you. If not, I’m not sure I can agree.

This is very good news. I believe Bailey will be a Cy Young winner within the next 3-4 years. His stats keep getting better each year. The Reds need to lock in Latos sometime this year.

I bet this has more of an effect on signing Cueto long-term and less about Latos. The Reds have a 2015 option for $10M on Cueto which they will most likely grab unless Cueto gets hurt. After that Cueto will be in line for a $20M+ a year contract which the Reds won’t give him. If they sign Homer to this deal and then can sign Latos to a similar deal next Winter when he is in his final arbitration year, they will have two front end starters to long term deals who are both in there mid-20’s and should be facing there prime years. Cueto will be in his 30’s when his next contract is up and if the Reds can sign Bailey and Latos with the other good young arms in the system, he will be the odd man out.

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Mark: Nervous or STRESSED? You have got to be kidding me…Homer “the great”, stand to AT BARE MINIMUM garner a $3+ million dollar annual raise…. Why would he be nervous or stressed? If he was a Yankee / Dodger we would be talking double these dollars…WITH a long term deal. I hope he becomes a Cy Young award winner or at least in the hunt in 2014…God knows the Reds need a couple sub 2.50 era starting pitchers, to offset the lack of RIB EYE Steaks….unless of course Mr. Ryan L. restarts his engine and drives in 150 +

I assume based on the length of the contract, it works if it can be back-loaded.
SP salaries and conditions:
Bailey: Free agent after 2014.
Latos: $7.25M ’14, arbitration ’15, free agent after ’15.
Cueto: $10M ’14, $10M ’15 (buyout $800K), free agent after ’15.
Leake: $5.92M ’14, arbitration ’15, free agent ’15.
Cingrani: $490K ’14, $490K+ /15, arbitration ’16-’17-’18

Ryan Ludwick: ‘It feels good to be strong again’
Reds notebook
Feb. 17, 2014 3:58 PM
Written by
John Fay
Ryan Ludwick hit .240 with two homers in 129 at-bats last season. / The Enquirer/Gary Landers
GOODYEAR, Ariz. — Ryan Ludwick returned from shoulder surgery on Aug. 12 of last season. It was much later when his body returned to its original form.
“I got cleared to lift upper-body weights I think it was Nov. 6,” he said. “It feels good to be strong again.”
Feeling strong is key for a power hitter.
“The thing a lot of people don’t understand when you come off surgery and you rehab for four months, you’re not as strong as you’re going to be the following year. I had surgeries. You’re never back to feeling really good until about a year post-op. I guess one of the positive things is I got a lot of rest. I didn’t need any motivation this offseason.”
Ludwick was out from Opening Day to Aug. 12.
“Any time the game is taken away from you, you kind of get a little bit more hungry,” he said. “It was a good offseason.”
Ludwick, 35, hit .240 with two home runs and 12 RBI in 129 at-bats last year. If he can return to his 2012 form when he hit .275 with 26 home runs and 80 RBI, it will go a long way toward solidifying the Reds lineup.

Let’s all hope that Ludwick can do what he did in the past; be a successful clean-up hitter, while hitting 30+ HR and knocking in 120+ RBI. Without a clean-up hitter capable of putting up numbers like that, I just can’t believe that resigning the SP, regardless of whom they are, will get us to and through the playoffs…it hasn’t
over the last 3-4 years.

I would be shocked to see 30+ and 120+ from Ludwick. I’d be pleased with 20+ and 85+ and seeing him healthy from beginning to end this year. On the other hand, I’d like to see 35+ and 120+ from Jay Bruce this year.

Yes, that is why I posed it a hopeful. However, I too don’t believe that Ludwick can fill the role that needs to be filled. As for Bruce, he is also a hopeful, but too inconsistent to produce those kinds of numbers, imo. In summary, we don’t have a bone fide clean-up hitter, and while losing the #2 OBP player, it’s hard to think that
we could or will do better than last season. At least Ludwick has done something similar in the past; 2008, 37 HR and 113 RBI. Of course, he was much younger then. In my mind, it is our only hope to get to and through the playoffs. The talk about Mesoraco as being the second coming of Christ in the 4 hole is just that,
talk. He is still green and still immature in reference to a ballplayer.

Ya know, I wrote the same story dude …

Kudo’s Mark, kudo’s….

Have a feeling that “dude” is referring to me; wish you would have called me by name. My apologies. Thought the board was a bit broader. Thanks for your daily activity and posting of the Red’s activity. Good luck to all Reds’ fans this coming season.

The comments section has pretty much turned into one stop shopping for Lance McAlister and John Fay blogs. It is a little redundant.

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