Price spoke with Pete Rose

Greetings from Day 3 of Spring Training in warm Arizona. Because I had a bunch of stuff to write today, I wasn’t able to be outside for much of the workout — so I lack photographic evidence except for one shot below.

Here are some nuggets from Sunday:

*I did a feature on Bryan Price today (click here to read) and among the topics that surfaced was that he reached out various current and former managers. One of them you might be familiar with.

“I spoke with Pete Rose a few weeks ago, which was a real treat,” Price said this morning. “Rose, because he managed in Cincinnati. What’s it like to be the manager of the Cincinnati Reds? The one thing he really impressed upon me … how important it is to maintain the relationships that you have. And when you have an issue with a player, to deal with that situation with the player myself. It’s easy when something happens … to grab your coach and tell them to go explain to him why we don’t do that. [He also talked about] the importance of having players that love to come to the ballpark. … and prepare, talk baseball, to find a way to win that day.”

*Price also talked with Tony LaRussa, Bud Black, Joe Maddon and his former boss, Bob Melvin. Price was a pitching coach for the Mariners and D-backs when Melvin was the skipper.

“He has unbelievable communication and accountability,” Melvin said. “He treats everyone the same and has always gotten the respect of his staff. You know what you get from him. He’s face value right away.”

*For a story at a later date, I talked to RHP Jose “Jumbo” Diaz — who has spent 12 years in the Minors, including last year as the closer at Triple-A Louisville. I’ve often written “Player X has lost weight” camp stories but Diaz will be like no other because he lost 70 pounds in one off-season! It’s a pretty cool story and I look forward to writing it.

*I also met RHP Chien-Ming Wang and he could be an intriguing player in camp if a spot were to open. Wang is a former two-time 19-game winner who is still trying to come all the way back from shoulder surgery. A story on him is also forthcoming soon.

*Among the early arrivals I saw were Chris Heisey and Skip Schumaker.

*Back to the photo, courtesy of Jamie Ramsey. It’s my first “action” shot of camp taken as I asked a question of Price during this morning’s media session.



Nice piece on Bryan Price…you continue to allow us to know him much better, as we move forward into this upcoming new season…thanks Mark.

Can we expect sanctions to come down from Selig’s offices for Price’s audacity in consulting Peter Edward? Immediately afterwards, Price was seen headed north out of Phoenix on the desert highway toward Vegas. Consultation accomplished!

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