The beard policy

I will have some more on this later on but the Reds’ new beard/mustache policy seems to have become a source of fan controversy after Day 1 of camp. To be clear, the team is not going back to the old days and strict rules of totally clean shaven players.

As the media session started Saturday morning, manager Bryan Price seemed aware this issue had become something.

“Should we talk about the beard?” Price said. “I think every year you reinvestigate some time in your policies. We’re going to spend some time with our core group of more established players and really talk about what we feel is important, not just from my perspective but from a team and organizational perspective. I don’t think you’re going to be terribly successful if you sit there and turn back the clock on the clubhouse too far. I believe in our initial policy that facial hair is fine but just keep it under control.”

Price said that owner/CEO Bob Castellini did not ask him to make this an enforced rule. Some players last season, including J.J. Hoover, Sam LeCure and Logan Ondrusek had burly beards that have become a facial hair fad in the Majors (think the Red Sox).

I talked to a couple of players and neither were upset by the enforcement of the rule.

Longer hair — like Johnny Cueto’s and what Bronson Arroyo had when he was with the team, is still permitted.

Someone asked the most important question about this issue — is Corky Miller’s mustache safe?

“Corky is going to be just fine,” Price said.

More blog, news and notes later after the workout. The players are taking the field soon.


I never thought the “House of David” appearance of some of the players enhanced their looks or baseball skills and especially when the temperature got into the 90s. I, for one, would rather see facial hair that is neat and properly groomed. I believe all major league ball players can well afford to pay a barber or hair stylist to keep it trimmed. Oh, by the way, a clean shaven look is also fine with me.

Who Cares ?

Don’t mess with Corky’s mustache, LOL.

Hopefully Cork and Sammy get to keep their ‘staches.

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