Winging my way west

Today is the last day before Reds Spring Training starts and I’m making my way to Arizona. I’m currently in Chicago, connecting for a little bit.

*There were a couple of things I didn’t get to on Wednesday. Many readers are wondering about RHP Brett Marshall, who was claimed off of waivers from the Cubs. Marshall was with the Yankees organization until December. Reds GM Walt Jocketty said that Marshall is added depth at the Triple-A level.

“I talked to him and he sounded like a good kid,” Jocketty said. “We had good reports on him. He had one of the best changeups in the Yankees organization. He’s a sinkerballer with a good slider. He’s got a couple of [Minor League] options left.

*Marshall was assigned No. 41.

*Many fans were dissatisfied about the Reds’ off-season. I can’t argue your feelings because the team did not address the holes it wanted to fix. But if there was one team that fared worse, it had to be the Pirates. Their winter worsened some more when rotation stabilizer A.J. Burnett decided to not retire or return to Pittsburgh and then agreed to terms on a one-year contract. with the Phillies worth $16 million. Ouch.

I will have something later, perhaps, from the Reds complex in Goodyear –if the rest of the trip is smooth. I never assume smooth, however.


I think they were vanilla this offseason because:

– they want to asses the managerial change before making long-term personnel decisions
– there is a organizational bias to develop players from within the system
– Votto/Phillips contracts are burdensome
– pitching is the priority and there are significant questions with Bailey’s contract and Cueto’s health

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To me this has been a lousy off season. I have to say it is the first time in a few years i am NOT excited about the new year. Makes it seem the Reds are ok with “maybe” making the WildCard, but not going to the next level. Spinning their wheels and being ok with maybe making the wild card is not what the Reds fans Want. I want to see the Ownership trying to make the team better by getting the right pieces.. not just the bench!!. I dont see them making the playoffs as they cant keep up with the Cardinals. I felt when Jocketty and BOB came here from the Cardinals, we would become a Championship team like the Cardinals. ALWAYS having a Goal to getting to the World Series EVERY year. If Walt gets Choo at the deadline of 2012 i bet they never loose 3 games at home ag the Giants!! Now we loose Choo and yes Hamilton is exciting, but why not also get a bigger bat for LF for the middle of the lineup?? take pressure of Hamilton as being the savior..Ludwick hit 2 homeruns in over 100 ABS.. that is NOT a 4th place hitter!!.. Yes he was injured, but what upsets me is the money they wasted on Ludwick and Broxten could have helped to keep Choo maybe.. or at least get a better player for the offense!!
Now we hear they have no money. So where you getting it to try and sign Bailey long term? If they can even do that? I rather see Latos signed long term. Bailey will be a Ranger or Astro next year.. my gut says he wil be gone.. Cueto has to return to form or Walt has also made a huge blunder for 2014 by standing pat.. ALSO not getting Byrd at the deadline last season for almost nothing was DUMB!!! he tore us up as a Pirate!.. Guess that was okay with Walt!..If this Reds team comes out the gate slow, and playing with “No urgency” to win, I wont be going to alot of games.. I want ownership to WANT a World Series caliber team, not say they do and do nothing.. When Votto was signed it was asked, will this deter the team to get other players to be able to compete and Bob said “NO”.. So are we being lied too as Reds fans?? so does this team slide back while the other teams get better.. Cards/Giants/Dodgers/Braves/Philies with the Brwers not far behind and the Pirates and Reds just hoping they get in?? So do we say the Reds need a new owner with deeper pockets? or a New TV deal to make the Reds have more money to spend to win? I am one fan tired of watching the team not taking it to the next level. Price is new and i have no idea how the team will respond. but how they played the last 6 games and the 1 game playoff still bugs me. ZERO Urgency like the trophy was already handed to them attitude..
I want the Reds to cross the white line with an attitude, “Winning the game at all costs” with one word FOCUS being the teams key word at all times!!.. they lacked that alot of times last year when it counts..

Okay, yeah…but the Pirates farm system is stocked !

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