Reds claim Brett Marshall

The Reds made another roster move Wednesday just prior to Spring Training. Right-handed pitcher Brett Marshall was claimed off of waivers from the Cubs. To make room on the roster, infielder Henry Rodriguez was designated for assignment.

A starting pitcher in the Minors, Marshall never played for the Cubs, which claimed him off of waivers in December from the Yankees. Chicago needed a spot after it signed pitcher Jason Hammel.

A 23-year-old, Marshall appeared in three games for the Yankees last season and posted a 4.50 ERA in 12 innings. He allowed 13 hits and seven walks with seven strikeouts.

In 25 games, all starts, last season for Triple-A Wilkes Barre-Scranton, Marshall was 7-10 with a 5.12 ERA. In 138 2/3 innings, he allowed 144 hits and 68 walks while striking out 120.

The Reds still have 59 players in camp, but now will have 31 pitchers when they report on Friday.

Rodriguez batted .174 (4-for-23) in 21 games over parts of two seasons with the Reds. He batted .274/.319/.335 with four homers and 41 RBIs last season for Triple-A Louisville.


Well… that was stupid. Henry Rodriguez might never have been an everyday player in the majors, but I bet he could still be a decent reserve. A .291 career BA in the minors isn’t terrible. Marshall looks like a never was who has had little success in the minors and now the Reds need another starting pitcher to lose games at Louisville? Am I missing something here?

Henry Rodriguez is a good hitter, but his defense isn’t up to major league standards. He had no future with the Reds.

I think you get a pitcher whenever you can get a pitcher. The problem is the Reds are way too thin in the middle infield. HenRod probably wasn’t going to be much help there.

I agree Trevis. Maybe the team needs to relocate to another state. I believe Ohio is suffering enough with their Bungles, Clowns, Breds, and Tribes already. Give the taxpayers a break and make the owners hustle for their dollars.

The Reds need to drop down at least one classification. Maybe they should just adjust the organization down to Louisville and drop Louisville to AA and so on. Reds are Dead.

If they need Rodriguez later in the season can’t they call him up to the big leagues? He may not have made the big league roster anyway.

Stupid,Its the theme.he making sure that st Louis going to win the cent4ral .watch walt only sings bailey to one year deal so st Louis gets him next year.The reds fired the wrong person at the end of the season.Walt should have the first out the door.look at his trades?4 players for one pitcher.and what does the reds have to show for for his last deal.a maybe lead off man.before Hamilton steal any base he has to get to I said this 2014 reds team is a 500 team only.

are you dumber than a box of rocks? thats really all i can say, that one pitcher is mat Latos,, and you did we give up? a washed up pitcher, a catcher who wasnt need and is a cancer, considering his steriod use, a closer who has talent but we have a very deep bullpin, and the last player isnt crossing my mind, and billy speed is a tool that can be used in the outfeild let alone the pressure he puts on the D when he puts the ball in play,

I agree with the last comment.I think the Reds GM hasn’t done such a good job in the off season.iF bailey isn’t signed to a long term deal. I am thinking the last person is so right about Walt.Time for changes why not make another that I feel would be so right for the reds.

don’t you think walt would have signed bailey if he could. walt is doing a great job with what he has to work with. if you haven’t noticed, the reds have improved since he became their g.m.

Walt is the best GM reds have had in a while! A move like this affects nothing and who knows maybe Marshall just needs new coaching and he puts it all together, He is still young, you can’t criticize small moves. Any of his big trades or signings have been only good for us minus the injuries but who can account for that. While he’s been here he has picked up Ludwick, Sean Marshall, Jonathon Broxton, Manny Para, Mat Latos and Aroldis Chapman. He also signed Votto, Bruce, and Phillips long term. All key pieces to this years success…also I think skip schumaker was a great sign because He is the strongest bench piece who gives good AB’s. Its so easy to play the gm at home and criticize the real one….but come on guys a small move like this will not turn the season to a dump. Trust the big guy in the office…He knows how to do his job. Go Reds!

AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we need a shortstop and a third baseman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m thinking Price sees something in Brett Marshall that he can work with and thats why he was picked up. I also think the Reds need to lock up Bailey for 5 years, because who knows if Cueto will ever be the same. I do not believe that Hamilton is the answer at leadoff or Centerfield but I guess time will tell.

I would still rather have Latos than the four players we traded for him. They have done nothing for the Padres. Its hard to build and keep a winner when you have small pockets. If Billy Hamilton can hit .250 he will steal at least 80 bases. That’s the same as someone hitting 80 doubles. The Reds just need to stay healthy and hit better in clutch situations. Now with a new manager and hitting coach that could very well happen. I liked the Schumaker move but hated to lose Xavier Paul their best pinch hitter. The pieces are there the players just have to perform.

David A., best comment on this board. All those dumping negativity need to step back and ask themselves how their poor, pitiful selves are contributing to a winning atmosphere instead of a whining one! It’s the beginning of the season, snow’s going to go away soon and all is possible; if you can’t get excited and happy now then, wow, I kinda feel sorry for you!

Are you saying that the four players we swapped for Latos was or will never make a mark in MLB? The Reds and Dusty ruined the Right handed pitcher and mismanaged the 1V/3B/OF and the young reliever Boxberger is not going to make it.
You need to be in the GM seat then we would not have to worry about the Reds ever being a contender again.

As a lifelong reds fan, I am so tired of all the negativity. What if billy hamilton is fantastic in the lead off role, what if cueto modifies his approach and returns to his old form, what if broxton, marshall, and ludwick are back to there pre-injury form. So much went wrong last year and we played in the best division in baseball where the margin for error was so slim. Nobody thought the Sox had a chance with the lineup they fielded opening day and they won it all. I think people overlook team chemistry. Brian price will help in that department and ludwick and schumaker are great clubhouse guys. I hated losing choo and hanigan but until you give a prospect ( hamilton and mesoraco) a chance they are exactly that, a prospect. Bailey is in a contract year, let him pitch like it. If we are out of it after the break, contenders will be lining up to trade for him. His return will be far greater then. Lets see what we got before we start waiving the white flag. Cheer up Reds fans its almost baseball season.

I agree……

Ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas. You better change your ifs from the Reds, and direct them to the teams that are making real changes to improve. And start hoping for this if, “if their players all get hurt, we’re golden”.

I’m guessing your best if is……….If Barry O Bama just starts whining about win equality, he’ll take out his emperors pen and make the Cardinals share their wins. Then we can all bask in the World Series Participation Trophy!

I get a kick out of all of the comments about Jockety not doing his job because he didn’t go out and get a third baseman, shortstop, left fielder and leadoff hitter. Has anyone noticed that THERE WASN’T ANYONE AVAILABLE????? Each entering their third year in the big leagues, Frazier and Cozart should improve. Hamilton may or may not be the answer at this point but did you want him to make a big run at Willie Taveras again??? Jockety is a shrewd GM and the Reds are fine.

Please, no Taveras.

I know fans get bent out of shape because of certain moves made by management, but there is a reason for this. It all comes down to the economic picture that is before us. Get use to it, we have only seen the beginning of it all.

I really like what I see with the Reds. Left field could improve for sure. But if we could see 25 homers and 90 rbi’s from the combination of Ludwick and Heisey, we really might have that void filled. Hitting with runners in scoring position was the issue last year. With Hamilton at leadoff, learning to bunt more, it is going to be exciting to say the least. He is amazing, and you will see a youngster come into his own real quick this year. With the guys coming up behind him, we could see an incredible run output this 2014. GO REDS!

Predictions……Hamilton 90 sb’s, Votto 32/115, Bruce 35/110, BP 22/105, Ludwick 18/75, Cozart 16/82, Messi 15/70, Fraz 21/95….Cueto 16 and 10, Latos 17 and 12, Bailey 14 and 9, Leake 15 and 8 and Cingrani 11 and 6. Based on what I stated earlier, it all comes down to the hitting with runners in scoring position. If the Reds can improve there, and stay healthy, they have a real shot to win the division. GO REDS!

those predictions may set records, holy shit 3 100 rbi guys, not to mention they will prolly hit 3,4,5, or 2,3,4, so 3 100 rbi guys hitting behide each other is not gonna happen

B P and Bruce made those grades last season, and we know Votto has, so why is your glass half empty? my glass is full. Enjoy the 2014 Reds Mr. Negative.

Remember, Michael Jordan did not make his high school team as a sophomore, so do not judge any player. Nobody knows who might jell in the near future. Stay positive.

I have no problem with this move at all. When I saw what Price did with Parra, well, that just answered all my questions about what he can do with pitchers when they will listen. If he thinks Marshall is a project he wants his guys to take on, so be it. Will see if patience is rewarded by standing pat on the starting roster other than adding Billy, whom I will be thrilled to see roaming CF and the base paths. If they stay healthy it all could be great, if they lose some important arms to the DL, it could be a long season.

From what I’ve read, the team would have a lot more money to spend (and make moves) if attendance would just increase! I live in Colorado – I wish I could see a game in Cincinnati! Instead of complaining about a lack of moves, spend some money & help them make moves!

Let’s give Billy Hamilton a chance to prove what he can do. He was only up for a limited time last year at the end of the season and made an immediate impact…..why not give him a full season at the big league level and see what happens. Choo was leaving anyway…..let’s get behind him and cheer Billy on. For one, I am willing to see what happens. GO REDS!

What other option do we have? Heisey in center? right…….

It is easy to criticize Walt when you are not in his position. Makes me laugh when fans want there team to make moves that don’t make sense for the team/budget. There are many guys I felt the Reds could’ve signed but I understand it is all about the money!

The only way the Reds are going to get a young, good bat is to trade for it. Their best trade bait currently is their starting pitching. Bailey is the obvious choice.

You cannot replace a solid chucker………pitching, pitching and more pitching wins a lot of games. Go back to the 1960’s, and review the Dodgers staff. They were amazing.

Why don’t some of you guys learn to write in complete sentences so you could be understood. Geeez !

My guess is that the complainers here do not know who Jim Bowden is.

Reds got a steal in Marshall. If the Reds start him he will win at least 15+ games.

Really! You think he can pitch at GABP and win 15 games. What you been smoking man?

I agree Goose. Marshall looks bad in the minors and he’s suddenly going to win 15 games for a major league squad he won’t even make?

Arroyo gone. Hannigan.gone. Major losses!

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