Good luck, Bronson Arroyo

Numerous media reports from Jerry Crasnick to Ken Rosenthal and’s Steve Gilbert are reporting late Friday afternoon that free agent Bronson Arroyo finally has a new team — the Arizona Diamondbacks. It’s a two-year, $23.5 million contract with a club option for 2016.

Arroyo probably didn’t get the dollars he was hoping when he began this process but he at least got the two years at what appears to be market value. By comparison, the Giants signed free agent Tim Hudson (age 38) to a two-year, $23 million deal in November.

Despite some talks here and there, the Reds never expressed serious interest in retaining Arroyo after eight mostly solid seasons. The lack of interest on their part was never about the body of work or the person, it was all dollars and cents. The club didn’t want to give him a multi-year deal, even to a 200-inning consistent and never injured workhorse like Arroyo mostly because he is a pitcher who will soon be 37. Not when they have young talent like Tony Cingrani ready to go, more young arms like Robert Stephenson just around the corner and other veterans like Mat Latos, Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto who will need contracts before escaping as free agents.

Arroyo was easily one of the most accessible players I’ve ever covered and it was certainly appreciated. After a good game or a bad one, he is always available. He always speaks with candor, is very smart about the game and gets the big picture. He was also fun to watch pitch, especially when he had his good stuff.

Best of luck to him in Arizona.


Best of luck Bronson! I for one, will miss your work ethic and durability!! Those were 8 good years!! Thanks!!!!!

It is with a heavy heart that I read this Bronson news….. I like most of us fanatics, WISH Bronson all the best.
I do not believe I have ever read ANYTHING negative about BA, except maybe the occasional “gopher home run ball comment”… A true professional that just did his job; mentored the younger pitchers ; and always had a :COOL demeanor.
Happy trails in AZ…. the REDS TRUE fans will miss you….

Congratulations to a guy that is a throwback in my mind, yet too young to know the attributes, yet displays them; picks up the ball every 4-5 days, does a very reasonable job, never complains, a team player, loved by all…and plays in a band!?*
I wish him nothing but success, unless and when he pitches against the Reds.

“Good luck Bronson; thanks for what you did for us for those many years.”


Via con Dios Bronson. We’ll miss you!

Hard to add anything else. We will miss Bronson Arroyo. Best of luck . Thanks for 8 great years of professionalism.

Reds Hall of Fame – Class of 2022

The Reds should of resigned Bronson Arroyo and get rid of Homer Bailey Walt Screws up again. FIRE WALT HE SUCKS.

I am certain that Jocketty has tossed a number of scenarios around that would find Bailey on another team; just hasn’t found a respectable and value-added deal with another team. And, until a deal can be found that would make sense to the Reds, we will use this springboard season for Bailey and maybe even keep him for a compensatory draft pick at end of season. I would hope this would not be the case as I personally don’t think Bailey will be the difference between us making and winning the WS. Maybe, just maybe, Bailey’s salary will play into the decision; we want to pay him around $8, and he wants somewhere around $11m. If he gets the nod and will make $11m, I would think Jocketty would trade him sometime this season; again depending completely on what we would get in return. $11m would pay for a certifiable power hitter and fielder; I still am in the camp that believes we have enough good SP to be competitive IF we are able to get a 30-40 HR/120-140 RBI guy. Of course that also would suggest that we continue to get the most out of our 1-2-3 lineup guys relative to OBP. Choo will be missed, I am convinced.

I don’t see the Reds making it to the World Series. Hell they can’t even make it out of the 1st. Round of the Playoff’s

One other note; I think Jocketty would like to still move Phillips contract, and that might play into the mix as well relative to a trade sometime this season. Depending on whom we could get, Hamilton may still find himself fielding around 2B. Phillips glove would be missed, no doubt, but his bat has declined over the last season or so.

Walt Jocketty doesn’t suck . The economics of baseball suck . I cant even imagine what G.M.’s have to deal with. Jocketty built a winner in St. Louis and if the money was available, would here too. it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Yes he does. As long as Walt gets paid big money from the Reds he Don’t care what happens to the Reds and what Players they have.

Jim, well said. Jocketty is a professional and has left a path of success wherever he has gone; just look at what he has done for Cincinnati in the relatively short time he has GM’d here. The economics of baseball are uneven and until that is repaired in some fashion, lower or less revenue earning teams will also be less competitive. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. Given that fact, kudos to Jocketty for even getting us to the playoff doors.

I have been a Reds fan for over 60 years and Bronson quickly became my second all time favorite Red. He is a throw back to the old days, is a great teammate, a mentor/coach on the field. He is an intense competitor and the true example of a professional. I made it a point to go to GABP mostly when he pitched. I shall miss him and will
root for him wherever he is. I honestly think the Reds are going to miss his 200 quality innings because I see two of our starters being injury prone. Good luck Bronson.

Now that Bronson’s salary is available for use by the Reds, maybe they could think of competing in the free agent market…….Mr. Cruz please.

That salary was already eaten up by raises in existing contracts and the arbitration guys. Forget about Nelson Cruz.

So what is your thoughts on this situation with left field Mark? Do you think Ludwick will come through? Can you give us some insight on this situation since you are close to the club? I think it is an issue. Thanks, Al

It’s Ludwick’s job in LF. Can’t know much more until I’m there and see him on the field. He should 100 percent after an off season and more rehab.


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In this day and age, if you are going to win, you need to have a strong youth group coming up, and you need to buy into the free agent market for major needs like now. It seems to always come down to the excuse of $$$. If that is the case, like any business, the Reds need to build revenue so they can compete, or bring in a stronger owner base who have no concern about spending the $$$ in order to build a winner. Once you win, the bigger T V contracts will come. In order to win these days, you need to be in the free agent market place somewhere somehow. I like the way they let Bronson move on to Arizona, because it was just time to do so. But we have a gap, left field is an issue. When it comes to that at bat in the lineup with 2 on and 1 out, hitting into a double play is not an option. Driving in runs with runners in scoring position was the Reds down fall last season. If you added a Cruz in this lineup, in this Ballpark, that would be scary. Just one player would most likely make the Reds a slight favorite to win it all. IN THIS DAY AND AGE, YOU CANNOT JUST RELY ON YOUR MINOR LEAGUE SYSTEM TO WIN. Jock, make a decision once and for all that would make the fans happy, because without us, you do not have a job.

It isn’t Jocketty’s money to spend.

Jordan, let’s get serious here. You know as well as I do that revenue dictates what you can afford to spend for players contracts. In order to become a winner these days in MLB, you need to find a way to mix your upcoming youth with a free agent periodically. I love Billy Hamilton, but I do not see any help in left field. All that I am saying is this, they should of found a way to fill that void, or more than likely the Reds are going to feel the pinch there. No products with one spot in the lineup allows pitchers to pitch around better talent to get to that weak spot. Until we can see numbers coming out of leftfield anytime soon, you will need to agree with me here. We will see. I hope Ludwick can get the job done, but time will only tell. Last thing, the club needs to adjust there budget to compete, or we will see another year go into the waste can. It has been 23 years and counting since they have won, maybe you have a better idea.

Here’s the better idea: go root for an organization that can afford to pull off the sort of things you want to see happen. It ain’t gonna happen in Cincinnati, ever.

What is the problem with you people? We comment as a concerned fan, and you all seem to get ticked off from what we are trying to share. First of all, I will follow who I choose to follow, do you get that? I have been a fan since 1958, and probably know more about this game than you ever will. So if you cannot speak at a professional level on this site, and talk about facts that are true, then go do something else for a living. If the Reds do not adjust there budget to enter at times into the free agent market, they probably will not compete at the level of lets say the Cardinals. If the Reds had a minor league system set up like St Louis, it might be different, but they don’t. So start looking at reality here, not things that represent your hurt feeling. It is what it is, that itself is fact.

I have no idea what you are rambling on about and I suspect you don’t know either. You were the one who prescribed free agent acquisitions of, I assume, a significant splash in order to compete. My point was that isn’t going to happen for a Cincy-based team, which you seem to realize and even echo in your own post. And that was all. So the recommendation to go root for a larger market team has all the inner-logic it might need.

Vince Lombardi said this, quote; Winning is not everything, it is the only thing, unquote. You can ramble on yourself with all of your so called logic anyway you please, but ask yourself one question sir, when was the last time the Reds won a World Series? That is right, 1990. So all I am trying to say is simple, find a way to win, or another year will go down in the books as added excuses, nothing more and nothing less. The question will remain, what is it going to take to win. No one in Cincy has any answer for that, and that includes you my friend.

I thought my answer was clearly embedded in my posts. If the economic arrangements of the game don’t change, there will never again be a championship in Cincinnati. Or Pittsburgh. Or Cleveland. Or Minnesota…I guess, by now, you get the idea. It is a hollow pursuit. Just field a team interesting enough to hold the attention of paying customers through the turnstiles. That’s all that will ever be!

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