Spring Training storylines

Eight days from now, Reds pitchers and catchers will be reporting to Spring Training in Goodyear, Ariz. As in past years, there will be a plethora of stories, news items and features flowing from the clubhouse, practice fields and ballparks over the 45 or so days that follow.

I have a general game plan going in each year and get more specific with my planning once I get there. Sometimes, the timing of stories depends simply on who is at their locker on a given day and who isn’t. Some days, I have a feature planned out and will work on it for a few days until it’s ready. Some days, I call an audible and come up with something on the fly. Some days, a specific story has been assigned to me and I get it done. Some days, I just punt and do the best I can. And some days, there is breaking news like a signing, a trade, an injury, etc. that trumps all previous plans or story ideas.

No matter what happens in Reds camp, I hope to have it covered for you on MLB.com/Reds.com, this blog, Twitter, etc.


Mark: Where are the RBI’s (or the rib eye steaks) coming from this year….? I have been pounding this during the hot stove league season…. I am confident (even though I am in mourning still for the Reds loss of Bronson–he was much more than a pitcher producing innings and at least one gopher ball per game—He always kept things fun and light for his teammates…anyway I digress)…… who will DRIVE in runs consistently in addition to Bruuuuuuuce? Who drives in runs at the “bottom” of the order? Who drives in Votto and Bruce—Consistently? T2

I guess it ‘ll have to be Ludwick and Frazier,unless they trade for someone.

JIM: Frazier #’s last 3 years: RBI’s per game…: .36 / .52 / .48….. RBI’s per at bat: .133 / .158 / .137….. Same #’s for Ryan Ludwick: .28 / .64 / .31 AND per at bat: .098 / .189 / .093….
NEXT IDEA????? Because with these track records we aren’t getting the run production needed in the NL Central…

Forgot about Phillips , If they hit him 3rd.

I’m just saying that is all they have unless they sign somebody else. That certainly doesn’t look like a possiblity. I agree it doesn’t look good.

Write whatever you find most compelling, Mark. I’m going to read it regardless of which of the above topics you choose! I think the potential changes in lineup order are really interesting. I’m curious to see if Price tinkers with the batting order during the spring.

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