One Spring game, but nightly shows

Fox Sports Ohio announced today that it will carry one Reds exhibition game — March 24 vs. the Indians at 4 p.m. ET from Goodyear Ballpark. Thom Brennaman and Chris Welsh will be calling it.

This isn’t the first time that FS Ohio has done a lower number of games. By comparison, SportsTime Ohio is carrying eight Indians games this spring.

What FS Ohio is doing — will be a nightly Reds Spring Training show called “Reds Live — Spring Training 2014,” a 30-minute show every weeknight at 10pm ET starting Monday, March 3. Jim Day and Chris Welsh will host from Goodyear with appearances by Jeff Brantley, Jim Kelch, Thom Brennaman and others.

I asked Kate Zalasko, the spokesperson from FS Ohio, why there is only the one game on TV and she pointed out that the network is doing the nightly show instead, as its done the past couple of seasons. The Indians will have more games but no nightly wrap-up show.

I’m sure other Reds games will be televised on MLB Network — but there is currently no schedule, yet.


I like that plan. It gives a little more insight of what is going on. I believe the Reds have the most knowledgable announcers in baseball so it should be interesting.

I think you might be in need of listening to some other MLB broadcasters and booth teams in order to make a more realistic appraisal of that untalented and self-inflating Cincinnati crew, radio and television alike.

I wish Tom Brennaman would do his Reds work in the same style as his work on the Fox network with the more straightforward style and less extraneous, non-game commentary.

Maybe Denny should choose another team to root for or better yet challenge that untalented and self-inflating on baseball related topics. My bet is he’d lose .

Fan since ’61. Ain’t gonna change now! Marty and Tom are both jokes off the same branch and neither can hold a candle to predecessors like Waite Hoyt and Al Michaels.

Sounds like you’re stuck in the sixties.

Nope. Just not buying into the crap about Marty and his joke of a son. Both are without eloquentce or style of any sort, horrible story-tellers, and always about themselves.

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