Reds add Bernadina

The Reds made another late off-season free agent addition Friday when outfielder Roger Bernadina was signed to a Minor League contract and invited to Spring Training as a non-roster player.

Bernadina, 29, split the 2013 season with the Nationals and Phillies and batted .181 in 112 games. Washington released him on August 19 and he was picked up by Philadelphia two days later.

The decline in production came after a strong 2012 season for the Nationals, where Bernadina batted .291/.372/.405 in 129 games with five home runs, 25 RBIs and 15 steals.

After they were rebuffed last week by Grady Sizemore, it appears that Bernadina will be the protection behind Billy Hamilton in camp.

**UPDATE: If Bernadina makes the Reds out of camp, he will earn a $1 million salary in 2014. The deal does not come with incentives but contains out clauses on March 18, March 28 and July 1 if he has not been added to the 25-man roster. Click here for the full story on

*The Reds now have 59 players in big league camp for Spring Training.

*Got some uniform numbers for the recently signed players.

15 Roger Bernadina
27 Chris Nelson
7 Ramon Santiago

*Here is the full list of non-roster players at Reds camp.


this is all the info you need to know about this guy.2013: 4 HR, .181 BA, 4 SB,Career: 27 HR, .239 BA, 57 SB, the only difference between him and the other losers the reds sign is this guy plays the outfield instead of the infield. you are telling me the reds have nobody in their organization that can’t do the same if not better job? I thought when they got rid of baker they also got rid of the well he is fast and a veteran so let’s sign him. sorry Billy you are just not ready yet so come back in a few years and you can be a pinch runner and get some experience then maybe you can get a chance to start in 2020 when you will be a veteran and 30 years old. what part of you get what you pay for do walt and reds management not understand? look at who they have signed and wasted money on since they got rid of janish because he could not hit. edgar renteria,willie harriss, wilson valdez,ceasar izturis, and jack hanaran and now the guy they just got from the tigers. all the same if not worse at the plate and not as good in the field as Janish was. might be acceptable if they were paying the major league min. but a million or more? and stop using the small market excuse for signing these losers,they were available to sign for a reason and nobody but the reds were going to give them the contracts they got.

yes those are his numbers from last year… but he’s also just one year removed from a .291/.372/.405 (792 ops) line in 2012
it’s a very good minor league deal to throw out there.. he’s got all the tools.. maybe they catch lightning in a bottle and everything clicks this year … definitely worth the chance

Agree 100%. This guy was known as “The Shark”, and was loved by the DC fans. He has always held full-time player potential and may reach it here -if given the opportunity to play. The Nat’s had too much money tied up in Werth and Harper, so he was given little opportunity to play. Doubt if Hamilton hits very much, so he could be a valuable addition. I believe that Jim Riggleman (who was his manager in DC) probably had something to do with this signing. And with the Reds limited budget, there was/is no one out there who would be any better. This could be a very good pick-up for the Reds.

I sure as hell hope that the .181 BA is a 1 yr. aberration!!! I find it hard to believe that there isn’t anyone on the bench that can’t back up Billy in the outfield!! Because if Billy doesn’t come up to speed on everything but speed, were in the hurt locker!!! We need people that can hit!!! Who’s leading off if Billy doesn’t ???? GO REDS!!!!

Not worthy of a comment

And yet, you still made one…

Ho Hum !!!!!!!! The beat goes on. What is the explanation for this signing, Walt ?

he must be dating Dusty’s daughter. oh wait, we don’t have that to use any longer

Too much money in the bullpen for a small market team.

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