Reds Caravan 2014 gets moving

The Reds held their annual Winter Caravan kickoff at the Reds Hall of Fame Thursday morning. Here are a few pictures:


Mat Latos meets new catcher Brayan Pena


Corky Miller talking with Mat Latos


Logan Ondrusek talks to reporters


The full caravan group gathered as Marty speaks


Rosie Red


Mr. Redlegs


Bryan Price heads to the bus.

1 Comment

HMMM… Rosie Red. CHECK; Mr. Red ….CHECK…… SOME A + B players that wil make the Major league club….CHECK…… The new manager…B Price….CHECK…..MARTY….Check…… JOE N.(in spirit) CHECK…..
A triple digit RBI HITTER (avg 290 +) that can also field????? whoooopppppsssss he missed the bus????? WHERE IS HE?????? A seasoned lead off hitter…shoot he missed the bus also….
No chance this year without someone to lead off and get on base at better than a 310 clip, and someone to compliment Votto and Bruce and drive in 100 + runs…..

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