Tuesday items

*Today is the deadline for eligible players to file for arbitration. The Reds have six such players in starting pitcher Homer Bailey (3rd year), closer Aroldis Chapman (1st year); outfielder Chris Heisey (2nd year), right-handed starter Mike Leake (2nd year); and right-handed relievers Sam LeCure (1st year) and Alfredo Simon (2nd year). On Friday, the club and players exchange salary figures. As in past years, I expect the Reds to sign all of these guys to at least one-year contracts to avoid the hearing — which run from Feb. 1-20.

*The Reds announced that outfield great Eric Davis has been added to Western leg of the Winter Caravan, which begins on Jan. 23. For all the details about Reds Caravan, please click here. I plan on hitting a couple of stops but don’t know where just yet.

*MLB.com’s Doug Miller took a look at some bargain free agents still on the market that could be had. The list includes Grady Sizemore, who was linked to the Reds in a recent story I did.

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From Lance McCalister.com
Reds: All-Time Single Season Team
CBS Sports
For those unaware what we’re doing with the All-Time Single-Season teams, it’s pretty much as straight-forward as the name sounds. We’re finding the best individual single-season at each position per franchise and making an All-Star team of those seasons.
The Lineup:
1. 1976 Joe Morgan, 2B
2. 1987 Eric Davis, CF
3. 2010 Joey Votto, 1B
4. 1977 George Foster, LF
5. 1962 Frank Robinson, RF
6. 1970 Tony Perez, 3B
7. 1972 Johnny Bench, C
8. 1996 Barry Larkin, SS
9. 1969 Pete Rose, DH
Go ahead and pretty much use a dartboard with this bunch. That’s a freaking stacked lineup. Well done, Reds.
Not really the lineup I would propose, however, we will never know, will we…

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