The Inbox is open

It’s been years, I’m guessing, since I have done a Reds mailbag (aka “Inbox”) to answer reader questions. While I do answer some here on the blog or on Twitter, it rarely happens on the web site.

Well, it’s happening on Monday. If you have Reds questions, please send them to and I will try to answer a few each week until Spring Training begins. Be sure to include your first name and last initial along with your city and state. For the sake of this exercise, please don’t ask the questions in the comments section of this blog.

Thanks and looking forward to answering some of your Reds questions.


Why after what happened last year are we not adding depth to our line up? Meanwhile the Cardinals added tons of depth and they were in the world series last year… seems odd to me. I understand money and all that, but we arent doing anything. Besides a pitcher and a catcher and a few minor leagers. This is the crap reds fans have been dealing with for 20 years now….were tired of it

very nice reply and dead on the money i might add

Exactly, we are worse than we were In 2011.

We suck? Walt is a horrible GM? We had no talks yet.. Are you dumb? Look at this team! We SUCK. Brandon isn’t even showing up for the cavran? Walt should’ve kept his mouth shut if weren’t actually going to trade him. Bad vibes now. Billy Hamilton should be traded he’s a bust didn’t even make an effort to replace Choo. Walt is like we maybe get Grady nice the guy hasn’t played a full season since 2008. & let’s say we sign him & he does good well he won’t keep him no money. TRADE BAILEY & BRANDON. GET KEMP. Are lineup is terrible! TERRIBLE! Ludwick will not bounce back at all! We don’t have 4 hole hitter & no lead off guy & no two hole hitter. We’re worse than we were I 2011 I don’t even know why Skip came here? Said we are a winning team. Lol, we aren’t going no where third place or fourth. I don’t understand why Walt doesn’t want to trade Homer we got some good pitchers & he could get a guy like Matt Kemp in return. He’s so dumb Walt doesn’t care about this team it he doesn’t do anything. I’m done with the Reds. Guess I have to wait until the bengals. & I love baseball but Walt in ruining it.

Pitching wins… And we have great pitching. No one is going to trade a guy like Bailey for an injured Kemp and 20 mil a year. Yes the Dodgers will eat some for Bailey but why trade a guy we will get a 1st round sup pick for next year. Our pitching will keep us in the hunt and hopefully this year we can get a deal for a hitter during the season. But yes Walt seems to make decent trades but very poor signings. I cant name one FA he has brought here that has made a difference. Walt has locked us in to a bunch of bad signings…

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