Three more enter Hall of Fame

Congrats to Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas. Tough break for Craig Biggio, who fell two votes shy of the required 75 percent.

Former Red Sean Casey did not receive a single vote his first time as a candidate. By being under the five percent threshold of ballots, Casey will never again appear on a Hall of Fame ballot. Players who earn five percent or more are eligible to remain on the ballot for 15 years.

In past years, Casey might have gotten a few symbolic votes but with a crowded and star-packed ballot this year, and the usual 10-player limit, many voters (but not all) appeared to forego that courtesy this year. A 75-percent mark needed to earn induction.

Here are the voting results from the BBWAA:

Greg Maddux was the leading vote getter with 555 votes of the 571 ballots (97.2 percent), including one blank.

The rest:

Tom Glavine 525 (91.9), Frank Thomas 478 (83.7), Craig Biggio 427 (74.8), Mike Piazza 355 (62.2), Jack Morris 351 (61.5), Jeff Bagwell 310 (54.3), Tim Raines 263 (46.1), Roger Clemens 202 (35.4), Barry Bonds 198 (34.7), Lee Smith 171 (29.9), Curt Schilling 167 (29.2), Edgar Martinez 144 (25.2), Alan Trammell 119 (20.8), Mike Mussina 116 (20.3), Jeff Kent 87 (15.2), Fred McGriff 67 (11.7), Mark McGwire 63 (11.0), Larry Walker 58 (10.2), Don Mattingly 47 (8.2), Sammy Sosa 41 (7.2), Rafael Palmeiro 25 (4.4), Moises Alou 6 (1.1), Hideo Nomo 6 (1.1), Luis Gonzalez 5 (0.9), Eric Gagne 2 (0.4), J.T. Snow 2 (0.4), Armando Benitez 1 (0.2), Jacque Jones 1 (0.2), Kenny Rogers 1 (0.2), Sean Casey 0, Ray Durham 0, Todd Jones 0, Paul Lo Duca 0, Richie Sexson 0, Mike Timlin 0.


How do Bonds and Clemons %’s compare to last year? thanks!

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2014 19:19:37 +0000 To:

Sorry Sean, we still love you here in Red’s country!!! You’re still our Mayor!!!!!

Yes, Sean is in the “Red’s hearts of fame”…a far superior platform for excellence!

Frank Thomas was a terrible fielder – probably the reason Strat-o-matic added a fifth column to its fielding chart. Should that make a difference in HOF voting? I’m not complaining – just asking.

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