Bailey discusses trade rumors

Appearing Tuesday on MLB Network Radio on Sirius/XM with hosts Mike Ferrin and Jim Duquette, Reds pitcher Homer Bailey was asked whether he’s been paying attention to the off-season trade rumors involving his name.

Basically, and not at all surprising to me, the answer was no.

“I actually don’t get around a computer very much,” Bailey replied. “Actually my agent had called and said ‘hey, this stuff is on MLBTradeRumors. My answer was just more or less ‘that’s cool, I’ve got to go workout in a little bit. I’ll talk to you later.’

“All the trade rumors, let’s be honest. How many times are they actually right, No. 1? And No. 2 … it’s January. Come on. If it were the Trade Deadline or something, you know what? It might be of importance. Realistically right now, it doesn’t matter. All I can do is get prepared for a season. Whatever happens, happens.”

As I wrote for on Monday, Reds GM Walt Jocketty discussed how difficult it has been, and will be, to sign Bailey to a long-term contract. He is third-year arbitration eligible and a year from being a free agent. That makes him an attractive trade chip for a team that needs a pitcher and can risk losing Bailey to the open market after the 2014 season. And the Reds are a team with some needs on the offensive side. But at the moment, Cincinnati seems poised to hang on to Bailey because they feel their chances are better with him in their rotation. Assuming the club makes a qualifying offer next off-season that’s declined, the Reds get a compensation first-round pick should Bailey defect as a free agent.

Last year, Bailey and the club avoided arbitration but could not do a multi-year deal. He signed a one-year contract worth $5.35 million.

As the arbitration process gets closer, Bailey was asked if he stays in contact with his agents for negotiation details.

“Not a whole lot until it really starts getting serious,” Bailey said. “Last year, we had a bunch of guys on our team going through arbitration. It was a kind of let them go at their own pace. Arbitration is one of those things that no matter how long it takes, it will eventually get done. Even at the beginning of the process, your representatives know and so does the team, they have a pretty good idea of where you’re going to be. You might be a little bit off and that’s where negotiations come in. But it’s not like there’s any surprise once the deal gets done.”

Click here for an audio clip of the interview.


Bottom line sign HOMER for 3 or 4 years. Homer gets security…Reds get front line HOME GROWN Starter who is NOT a head case….. Reds need to keep this valued INVESTMENT…

We’ve waited for Homer to come around as a pitcher and need to keep him with the club if possible!! Just don’t know if we’ll be able to afford him!!!

OLD SALT: “AFFORD” and “Invest” are two different things…. I say No hitter HOMER is WORTH the investment….an Investment provides returns…. aka the Cuban Missle.

T2: I would love to own a couple of shares of Berkshire Hathaway, unfortunately I can’t afford it.

wbinoh: But you do not own the Reds, nor do I believe you are one of the non- controlling limited partners. The two families that own and control the Reds CAN afford multiple Investment shares in Berkshire Hathaway (maybe they do–who knows) and They also can AFFORD to INVEST in No Hitter Homer…. It is their choice to do so, or not—- Then Walt carries out their decisions, Anyone that knows Cincinnati, knows they CAN AFFORD this INVESTMENT….T2

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Unfortunately, none of us own the ‘checkbook, nor pen’. And, any investments in MLB contracts means a great deal more money. In my opinion, we just can’t expect for Castellini to increase team salaries, year-over-year. He has done so with a great deal of success over the last few years, however, this just is not a team that can pay much more than what it has last season; at least we cannot expect to hold the check book and move the pen. Reality is = we are a middle of the pact team overall and cannot think of affording what the top 10 can; plain and simple. Seem unfair? Of course, but that is reality. Heck, GABP was even built with that truth in mind.

Teams that may be interested in Bailey’s services include…Mariners, Dodgers, Rangers and Blue Jays. Now, who do we trade for?

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