Other free agent center fielders

On Friday, I wrote that the Reds have inquired about Grady Sizemore as possible protection for center field. There other free agent center fielders in a pretty thin market.

*ESPN recently reported that 6-8 clubs were interested in former Brewers and Nationals player Nyjer Morgan, who played last season in Japan. Morgan batted .294 with 11 home runs last season for Yokohama. From what I have gathered, the Reds are not one of the clubs that have reached out to Morgan however.

Other guys on the market:

*Former Giants outfielder Andres Torres, who turns 36 later this month. Torres batted .250 with a .302 OBP last season over 103 games for San Francisco. Over his career, he has started 295 games as the leadoff hitter but is only a .232 hitter with a .310 OBP from the top spot.

*Rick Ankiel has played for six different clubs since a seven-year stint playing for Reds GM Walt Jocketty on the Cardinals. Ankiel, now 34, hasn’t played regularly though since 2010 for the Nationals and batted only .188 in 45 games combined for the Astros and Mets last season.

*Also out there are bench-type players like former Reds player Dewayne Wise and Trevor Crowe. I have not heard either way yet if the Reds interested in Torres, Ankiel, Wise or Crowe.


Wow….talk about slim pickins’. I’d almost rather have an old Suzuki than any of those guys and that’s not saying much.

Of the guys listed, Morgan is probably the most interesting in my mind. I see Sizemore as a corner OF at this point after all of the injuries he’s faced.

My pick is Sizemore.

Actually, my pick above is made from the players listed above by Mark. However, I am still holding out in hopes that the Reds will trade for a certified-clean-up-hitter, as I just don’t think we have one on the team today. And, as long as we trade quality for quality, in all aspects, I would not be concerned at all if the Reds chose to trade Bailey (reports indicate he won’t sign long term; nor can we afford him) and/or Phillips, or a number of others. Playing with a pat hand won’t get us to the World Series, imo, as there are no major RBI guy to clean up the bases on a more consistent basis. Last season, a quality clean up hitter should have had 130+ RBI given the plate setting by the #1 OBP player in MLB (Votto) and #2 OBP player in MLB (Choo).

Wow, none of those are very appealing!

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Cardinal Loose the World Series, what do they do? go after EVERYDAY players to help their lineup. What do the Reds do after losing Choo?, go after Bench players.. yawn.. This is the first time in awhil I dont see the Reds competing at all for 1st or 2nd place, but finishing out of the playoffs. I keep hoping I am wrong.. we shall see, but hard to get excited knowing Walt has not fixed the Everyday Player lineup..with a big bat to protect Votto from the Right side. I do not see Ludwick getting back to his 2012 form..sadly the Reds wasted money on Broxton/Ludwick which could have been spent to keep Choo with,

If you’re upset they aren’t spending to “protect” Votto, look no further than Votto’s giant contract as a reason. That’s something that the Cardinals don’t have, along with having stronger revenue’s.

Much of the reason is evident…(last season)…
Team Value = $680m
Team Revenue = $205m
Attendance = 2.5m
Total Value = $805m
Team Revenue = $250m
Attendance = 3.4m
Looking at larger market teams throughout baseball really tilts the scales,
however, that’s the way it is. Revenues are a composition of ticket sales,
concessions, parking, TV deals, sponsorships and revenue sharing. Ticket sales and TV deals are the major contributors to revenue stream. One other item to point out, Votto’s contract has everything to do with ticket sales and fan appreciation for the team overall.

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