Poll question tryout

Hello and welcome to 2014. Hope you’re not covered by too much snow today if you happen to live in Ohio, Kentucky, the Midwest or the Northeast (did I miss anybody?).

Just because, I wanted to make use of the poll question feature on WordPress that until now, I had never used before. I went with something rather basic but I might utilize it when real issues come down the pike.


With the top of the lineup currently; Hamilton, Phillips, Votto…can we really depend on any of the following hitting cleanup with any authority and consistency? Ludwick, Frazier and/or Mesoraco. Yes, we could move Bruce to cleanup, however he has shown a propensity for hitting in cycles; hot and cold. I truly believe we need a proven power hitter that will create havoc at GABP, say 35-40 HR and 120 RBI. Also, we have to face facts; Choo is gone and his plate production has yet to be replaced(21HR, .285 /.423/.462/.885).

Nelson Cruz is available as a FA, and would terrorize the fans in LF/CF; I would guess he could hit 35-45 HR at GABP. He would play LF and we would move Ludwick to the bench. However, reports indicate that he wants to sign for somewhere around $15m per year. Haven’t seen the length of contract he wants, but then again, it seems to me that if we couldn’t afford Choo, why would we commit even three years to Cruz. The FA pickins are few and far between, however a trade is always something that may occur; Jocketty is the best at trades, imo. The question is…can he find a good one; I think we’ll find out in the next 30 days.

s/b…”…35-45 HR while playing at GABP.” Of course for a season overall.

Poll question did I miss anybody ( What about WV }

Having a poll for 2014 is a great idea!

Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2014 17:53:53 +0000 To: garytuemler@hotmail.com

I still think Votto could be an outstanding leadoff hitter. Especially if he takes the same approach at the plate he did last season. Put Phillips third . That is if Hamilton struggles.

If Walt is confident in Hamilton, and by all accounts he is, then I vote “other”. It would be too expensive to improve our left field production via the free agent market (ie Nelson Cruz). We already have a pretty good left fielder and in the 2014 year of his contract, we’ll be paying Ryan Ludwick $7.5M (I also saw $8.5M online – either way, a lot of cash). Cincinnati couldn’t afford to bench (and would probably find it quite difficult to trade) a man making that much money, so to me, the left field conversation is over. In center, if Hamilton were to really struggle, I think Chris Heisey and Derrick Robinson could play well enough in center to not be a liability. Again, Walt seems confident in Hamilton, so I’m trying not to worry about the contingency plan.

If we’re looking to improve the team, save the money you’d spend on a big free agent move and use it to sign Bailey long term. We have great players that we’re spending lots of money on already. Votto, Phillips, Bruce, Cueto, Latos, Bailey, Broxton, Chapman, and Ludwick are all making major money. We also have young players like Mezoraco, Cingrani, and Hamilton who are going to have every opportunity in 2014 to show that they can be top tier major league players. With all that ownership has done to make this small-market team competitive, I don’t think it’s unfair to, at this point, stop spending and ask our stars to perform.

Cincinnati’s greatest off-season need? Keep the fans from freaking out between now and the start of the season! The more I think about what we have and how much money it would take to “improve”, I really think this is just about the best team we could put on the field and that the players we have now can be more than competitive in the NL Central.

Robinson was let go by the organization, removed from the roster, and is presently floating somewhere in baseball limbo. I doubt that anyone in the Front Office is counting on him for anything whatsoever for the upcoming season. There is a reason he was a career minor leaguer for the lowly Kansas City Royals and we too have seen enough!

I voted “other”.

Do anything possible to upgrade the backstop. There’s no crying in baseball, and Reds fans already endure an abundance of Beta-male playing first base. The pitching staff will miss the league-leading (or near leading) catcher’s ERA of Ryan Hanigan this year.

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