Happy New Year

Just wanted to check in and say ‘hey’ during what’s been a rather quiet spell of the Hot Stove season.

Speaking of Hot Stove, be sure to listen to the Reds radio network tonight. I recently participated in a roundtable discussion on the Reds Hot Stove league show hosted by Marty Brennaman and it airs tonight (New Year’s Eve). I was on along with John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Jim Kelch and we covered myriad topics and issues about the team.

*The 2013 season was certainly interesting and I addressed some of the bigger storylines in a story for Reds.com/MLB.com. Click here to read.

*The year was also active on this blog as traffic remained strong. When I get monthly reports, I’m always amazed that this blog, which covers one of the smallest market clubs, is often ranked in the top 10 among the beat writer blogs. Sometimes it ranks in the top 5. Credit goes to you, the readers and fans, for stopping by and checking it out. It would be nothing without you.

*My doors are also blown off from the report of people in different nations that have viewed this blog. I’m sure some were goofy Google searches gone awry and mistaken clicks. But I’d like to think it’s mostly because Reds fans are everywhere and this is a way for them to stay connected. There were page views from 133 different nations this year. Of course, the United States was the overwhelming leader, but check out the rest of the top 25:

Canada 4,560
Republic of Korea 2,651
United Kingdom 2,080
Germany 1,796
Mexico 1,167
Taiwan 994
Venezuela 731
Puerto Rico 654
Netherlands 584
Philippines 468
Japan 456
New Zealand 392
Dominican Republic 330
Brazil 318
Australia 268
Chile 231
Bahamas 222
France 127
Belgium 126
India 99
Spain 91
Hong Kong 84
Romania 84

Also among the 133 were Sri Lanka, Belarus, Albania, St. Kitts, Iraq and Cuba. I borrowed the idea of posting the global stats of the blog from Carrie Muskat, who covers the Cubs. In terms of overall traffic, we have some work to do to catch up to her but kudos to her for keeping Cubs fans informed.

Wherever you are, thank you. I hope to keep you updated here throughout 2014 and will see what other ways I can keep you coming back. The 3 stars may have been retired but I’m still mulling over some sort of daily “thing” that will interest you.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year and may 2014 be a good one for all.


I’m reading in Thailand! Thanks and keep up the good work!

Happy New Year Mark, and to everyone on board! Hope you all have a healthy and prosperous 2014! (that includes you too, Reds). And, thanks Mark for providing us all with a place to hang out and talk baseball.

Happy New Year, Mark! Thanks for the being awesome!

Oops! Meant thanks for being awesome.

Faithful Reds fan here in Serbia, always reading your blog posts and post-game analysis. Keep up the good work, Mark, and Happy New Year 2014 — GO REDS!

My first post on your blog but and avid reader!

Thanks for everything you did in 2013. Happy New Year to you!

Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 15:50:08 +0000 To: garytuemler@hotmail.com

Happy New Year to you Mark and thanks for the reporting on my beloved Reds.

Happy New Year from Arizona, which sometimes feels like a different country! And the reason you’re in the top ten is that you actually post on a regular basis. Amazingly, many of those listed to the right on MLB.COM BLOGS post very irregularly, often less than once a week. Keep up the good work!

Happy New Year from Elmwood Place – like Arizona, it’s own planet! The town drunk (in twelve years, I’ve never seen him sober – he’s like Mayberry’s Otis if he’d turned to the Dark Side) staggered up to our porch last summer and announced he was moving: he ‘Didn’t like what was happening to the neighborhood’! Gotta have the Reds when life is that crazy! Thanks, Mark!

Mark, if you will, what is the tally in the US? The numbers are amazing elsewhere, but to understand the US would give us a better picture of your blog/efforts. Thanks,

Neb — I’d rather not disclose specific numbers but it is in the high six figures. One of these days, I’d like to crack 1 million.

We’ll assume 999,999. Keep up the good work.

Mark, no problem. We will put our mouse to work this year and see if we can push you over the top! There is a reason that I think many post here; 1) your inside reporting and topics, and 2) the exchange of thoughts and overall civility of the overall board. You should take a bow, as I think all blogs take on the character and demeanor of the host. Now let’s hope our Reds can be equally as successful!

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