Time to go home

Well, another Winter Meetings has come and gone with little to report about the Reds. I wish I had more to give you.

Fans sometimes get irritated when there are no moves. At the same, does it really matter who “wins” at the Winter Meetings? The Blue Jays made the biggest splash last year in Nashville. The Marlins did two years ago. Neither had fruitful seasons.

On the other hand, the Reds made no moves at either of those meetings but soon spun trades that brought Choo, Latos and Marshall.

So you have plenty to watch for in the coming days and weeks. The Reds still want a bat, possibly a short-term leadoff hitter and bench help at shortstop. The Brandon Phillips rumors will likely continue without resolution until something is either done or the club goes to Spring Training. Again, it will be tough to swing something. If they trade Phillips and lose Choo, as is expected, the void offensively would be tough to overcome.

More when I have something.


Mark is there any hint of who the mystery switch hitting ss bench bat was?

I was researching for the story on Tues and only three appeared: Santiago, Casilla and Elliot Johnson.

Ok, thank you very much.

You are very professional about reporting no .made up stories I like that .
Keep up the good work. You are a reporter not a GM.

Exactly, one of the few that do not hunch, fabricate or tell falsehoods. Nicely said Walt. (ears burning Mark?).

Reds Interested In Omar Infante
By Steve Adams [December 12, 2013 at 3:46pm CST]

Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that a surprising name has popped up on the list of suitors for Omar Infante; according to Nightengale, the Reds are “quite interested” in Infante but would obviously need to move Brandon Phillips in order to pursue him (Twitter link).

The Yankees and Royals are said to be the strongest suitors for Infante at this time, with the Yankees reportedly having offered three years and $24MM to Infante shortly after Robinson Cano signed with the Mariners. Infante, however, is said to be seeking a four-year, $40MM pact similar to the extension signed by Martin Prado last winter.

Phillips’ name has been on the block, and though the Reds have publicly downplayed his availability, recent reports have indicated that he’s still in play. Phillips’ name surfaced in a prominent rumor last night, as it was said that the Yankees turned down a swap of Phillips for Brett Gardner. There was more to the story than the initial report, as Phillips has the Yankees on his no-trade list and tried to re-open his contract talks to get more money in order to facilitate the deal.

Phillips is owed $50MM over the next four years, which isn’t much more than the $40MM sought by Infante over the same term. However, such an offer doesn’t appear to be on the table for Infante, so in the event that they find a taker for Phillips, perhaps the Reds could swoop in, sign Infante for $30-35MM and save $15MM or more.

People are making the Phillips contract out to be one of the worst in baseball. Based on market value, it isn’t. If the Reds has a top 2nd base prospect ready to go that they could pay league minimum and get similar production, then go ahead and trade him. They don’t. So if the best option is Infante, I would keep Brandon Phillips any day of the week. He isn’t worth losing just to save 2-3 million a year over the next 4.

I don’t disagree with you Jordan. Infante is making $4m but a FA and is requesting 4 years and $40m. And, although he is more consistent at the plate than Phillips, he hasn’t got the power of Phillips. And, as we all know, he isn’t nearly as good with the leather as Phillips is, but then again, who is? I think the Reds thinking is if they were to sign Infante, they could then deal Phillips for another needed position player. Phillips is in the doghouse right now and the Reds are obviously trying to peddle him elsewhere; in exchange for quality.

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